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Shamit Khemka encourages women to channelize their power & talent to change the world

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Shamit Khemka, founder of SynapseIndia, has taken the opportunity to motivate women professionals. He believes that empowered women can become leaders of social change and professional excellence. Women have played a central role in the development of society and nations. More efforts are required to further push the trend of social stability, progress, and long-term development.

The work environment and culture at SynapseIndia truly represent the values of women empowerment. The culture nurtures values, beliefs, and behavior that inspire women to leverage their power and climb the ladder of professional success.

Women professionals at the company feel a sense of equality that helps them to excel in their career.
According to Shamit Khemka, women have equally important roles in both the industrial and social landscapes.

Gender equality, therefore, holds an extremely important standing in organizations and society, he says.

This principle of providing everyone the same opportunity irrespective of their gender is profoundly crucial to social change. And it equally implies to an organization as well the society at large.
Numerous studies have shown that it's the culture of an organization that attracts talented women and keeps them there. Companies should, therefore, build a culture of growth and support that provides equal opportunity to everyone.

Also, the leaders of an organization should understand the problems of female professionals and show empathy.
SynapseIndia has long maintained a good reputation when it comes to providing a friendly work environment for women. The leaders believe that by tapping into the reservoir of women talent, they can open doors of opportunities for a large number of professionals.
Women hold key positions at various departments and business units of the company. Whether it's the HR team, the customer relations department or teams of developers, women leaders have long excelled at SynapseIndia.

Female leaders have played remarkable roles in the impressive growth of SynapseIndia as a fast-growing IT company.
Shamit Khemka proactively supports the idea of fostering women empowerment for the overall development of society. The culture of SynapseIndia gives women the freedom to be what they actually are, rather than molding them in a predefined concept.

Women should trust their instincts and take risks in order to succeed in a competitive environment of the corporate world. The work environment and organizational dynamics of SynapseIndia make a perfect platform for career development.

Professionals working at the company are known for their outstanding skills in various cutting-edge technologies.
Women exhibit outstanding skills when it comes to crucial areas like building a relationship, empowering others, and understanding people's needs. If they are given key leadership roles in these areas, an organization sees remarkable long-term growth.

Women talent is extremely important for a company to sustain in the era of diversity and ruthless competition. Shamit Khemka believes International Women's Day is a great opportunity for leaders to inspire their female talent and honor their role.

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