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5 Popular Applications Developed using React JS

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As we are flooded with the tools and technologies, it is difficult to decide which one to opt for mobile application development. The first thing you need to understand is that out of several technologies, only a few are capable of delivering desired results and revolutionize our work to a large degree. React JS comes under one such technology that has blazed a trail in app development. It is a lightweight library used for creating outstanding and trendy user-interfaces.

It uses JSX as a programming language with HTML-like syntax which is considered as one of its spectacular features. React JS development companies are capable of developing apps for both the platforms: Android and iOS in an easy and efficient manner. With its endless functionalities and innovative features such as real-time updates, server-side rendering, various rendering platforms, it is best for developing a front-end framework. Let’s discuss which applications became popular that were developed using react JS.

Facebook :-

Facebook’s web and mobile applications are partially developed using ReactJS for both platforms: Android and iOS. It is used to display the native components of both the OS instead of representing DOM elements.


WhatsAppWhatsApp, which is one of the most popular social media platforms today is being developed using ReactJS. It is used for giving the application an extraordinary, simple and easy-to-use User Interface. In fact, the feature of a WhatsApp “WhatsApp Web” that help users to used their application on the web or any other device is also being developed using React.


Instagram Reactjs is tremendously used on Instagram. Features like Google Maps APIs, geo-location, tags, and search engine accuracy are all developed using React. This impressive technology has built the application’s API in a way that is overwhelming for the users to use it.


Netflix which is a popular platform used to download and watch online movies and episodes is also built using React. It can work on low-performing TV devices too because of React app development. React has majorly contributed to helping Netflix to enhance its startup speed, modularity, and runtime performance.

New York Times:-

New York Times is a popular application used to display updated information and images of all the star performers of the red carpet. The interface of this project is built in a way using React that the users can filter the gallery as old as 19 years that consists of different photos in a simple and hassle-free way. The re-rendering of the project is the tremendous work and effort whose credit goes to React js.

Wrapping Up:-

This is how popular platforms have used to React js to develop outstanding apps. All they have done to make them different, engaging and interactive has hired a team of experienced developers or React js development company. This way, they had not only developed an outstanding app that is full of features but has also made the most out of the technology.

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