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When it comes to optimizing IT Operations and Services for Digital Enterprises, shared services stand out as a highly technical, proactive, predictable, responsive and cost-efficient. The goal of a shared services delivery model is to allow each business division to focus its limited resources on activities that support the division’s business goals.

Selecting the right Shared IT services is key to making the IT transition. Shared Services will increase efficiency, time to fix, and visibility in a computer network.

Here are the top five features you need to have in your Shared IT Services:

Shared IT Services

ITIL Standard Process Standardizing the choosing, planning, delivery and support of business IT Services
Access to best tools Automation and Analytics enhance the IT operations throw up to zero down on problems
Economy Services are cost-efficient and eliminate redundancy
Superior and Customized SLAs SLAs establish mutually agreed upon service levels, monitoring methods and organizational responsibilities where appropriate
Value and Reliability Simply the effort required to do business with them and improve internal customers' financial performance
  1. ITIL standard processes: Implementing ITIL framework helps you to standardize the choosing, planning, delivery and support of business IT services. The intention is to deliver greater efficiency and predictable service levels.

    1. Strong alignment between IT and the business

    2. Improved service delivery and customer satisfaction

    3. Reduced costs through improved utilization of resources

    4. Greater visibility of IT costs and assets

    5. Better management of business risk and service disruption of failure

    6. More stable service environment to support constant business change

  2. Access to best tools: Automation and analytics enhance the IT Operations throw up to zero down on problems, while built-in workflows help resolve incidents and service requests in the quickest possible time. The judicious mix of industry standard IT monitoring and management tools along with in-house point tools that enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

  3. Economy: Technology has often been the driver for shared services within an organization because it can be expensive to purchase, maintain and train employees to use but with the Shared services the economies are cost-efficient and eliminate redundancy because the others clients absorb the cost of shared services as part of the continuing cost of running the business.

  4. Superior and customized SLAs: The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to identify the basic services and any agreed upon optional and unique services provided by the [SHARED SERVICE CENTER] with regard to the delivery of services for the [CUSTOMER AGENCY]. This SLA establishes mutually agreed upon service levels, monitoring methods, and organizational responsibilities where appropriate.

  5. Value and Reliability: Shared Services Centers work on becoming “value-added partners,” they should document all the work they do to improve the reliability of their services, simplify the effort required to do business with them and improve internal customers’ financial performance.

Finding a Shared Remote Management Services partner backed by a strong network operations center (NOC) with a strong technical staff and infrastructure in place, helps you to focus on core operations and business growth.

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