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Digital Pigeon at the top of the pecking order

Digital Pigeon is Australia’s first file transfer service. It was launched more than 12 months ago to provide a fast and feature-rich experience for users sending big files. Users can send their large files from the Digital Pigeon browser, or send from a desktop application downloaded to their Mac or PC. They can also receive files through their Digital Pigeon account. Digital Pigeon offers four plans: Free, Basic, Professional and Teams. Check these out online:

Major features: all plans

Fast upload and download speeds 

In speed tests conducted in Australia, Digital Pigeon performed approximately 10 times faster than its major competitors. Digital Pigeon uses scaleable servers to handle any load, even during peak office hours, with no bandwith throttling, even on the Free plan. This is enhanced by the creation of servers in each of its major markets – Australia, the US and EU.

User data is sent exclusively to their local server by default, minimising send distance and increasing send speed dramatically.

High-level security

Since user data is both uploaded and downloaded to their local server, users enjoy a high-level of data sovereignty. Files are encrypted at upload and download stage using bank-grade encryption (HTTPS/SSL), and are encrypted while stored on the server.

Desktop application

Users can download the Digital Pigeon desktop application, even while on the Free plan. The application has been available for Mac for some months, while the beta version for PC has was recently launched. Users can drag and drop whole folders onto the application for easy sending; they can pause and resume sending at will; if the power to the user’s computer cuts out, the send process will pause by default; plus the application prevents computer sleep until the send is complete.

The Digital Pigeon application makes sending much faster than usual; notifies the user when the send is complete and also integrates with their address book, auto-filling recipient details as they type

Recipient file monitoring

Digital Pigeon alerts the user when the file is received by the recipient, as well as when it is downloaded and viewed by them.

Independent link generation

In addition to sending files securely by email, Digital Pigeon also allows the user to generate a link to the sent file, which they can forward on via regular email, Facebook, or Twitter. The recipient can click the link and access the file independently of the Digital Pigeon system, and doesn’t need to be registered to access the link.

iPhone application

Digital Pigeon users can download an iPhone or iPad application, which notify users when the file send is complete, as well as when the recipient actually receives it.

Major features: Basic plan onwards

Additional security

Passwords can be created by users before they send, and must be communicated to the recipient outside of the Digital Pigeon system, ie. Separately via email, Facebook or verbally. Files also undergo virus scanning.

Receive files

Users can receive Digital Pigeon files normally, or can embed a link in their home page that sets up a file-receipt panel or pop-up page. This allows anyone to quickly and easily send them files, even without a Digital Pigeon account.

Major features: Pro plan onwards

File previews

When the Digital Pigeon user sends their file, they can establish how it will be previewed when received. This allows the recipient to see what the picture, movie or text file looks like before downloading it in full.

Customisable user interface

Users can customise their Digital Pigeon interface with their own personal or corporate brand. Logos and images can be added and colours, fonts, contact details and page set up can be adjusted to create a strong brand presence at file download stage.

Major features: Teams plan

Set up user hierarchies

Users can organise how their entire group interacts with Digital Pigeon. They can send emails to invite others to join; monitor who accepts and when; and assign roles to users, ranging from owners and managers to basic users.

Plan prices and data options
• Free Starter Plan: 2 gig of storage.
• Basic Plan: $15 per month or $120 per year, 20 gig of storage.
• Professional Plan: $22 a month or $180 a year, 50 gig of storage.
• Team Plan: $45 a month or $360 a year, 100 gig of storage.

Digital Pigeon’s Founders

Dan Washusen

Dan has been working at the leading edge of web application development since ‘99. His experience includes four years as the head developer of, Australia's leading web-based mapping platform. Dan was a senior software engineer at, helping improve its search engine to facilitate map-based search, and was most recently at Microsoft R&D where he spent four years working on their advertising platform.

Stuart Clayton

Stuart has over a decade of experience in the web development field. He was a foundation member of the Studywiz team that developed a leading e-learning platform, starting with a team of four through to a multi-national business employing 90 people. He lead a team of developers covering a range of disciplines such as interface and user experience design, graphic design, mobile and tablet software development and interactive game design.

Angus Johnston

Gus is responsible for some of Australia's most loved advertising. For over a decade he has worked as a senior creative at some of the world's most respected advertising agencies, including Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, DDB, Grey and JWT. His work has helped sell brands and products as diverse as Mercedes-Benz cars and John West Salmon. In 2007 he helped launch M&Ms Australia onto Facebook. 2.9 million likes later it's become a vital platform for all ongoing communications.


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Dan Washusen, Co-Founder
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