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Australians can now send and receive big files ten times more quickly than before

Digital Pigeon, Australia’s first home-grown file-transfer service, has measured its download speeds against those of its competitors, and has proven to be significantly faster – a boon for individuals and businesses who have been suffering below-par transfer speeds for too long.

Digital Pigeon sent one-gigabyte files using two other popular file transfer services and measured the time it took to receive them. A Digital Pigeon user was able to download the file in six minutes compared to the slowest service, which took 1 hour 11 minutes to download, making Digital Pigeon more than 10 times faster.

This is due to the fact that Digital Pigeon has recently established dedicated servers in Australia for Australian users, and the close proximity of these servers significantly reduces upload and download speeds.

“File sizes are increasing with advances in technology, and Australians are turning away from using their standard email system and are choosing dedicated large-file transfer services like Digital Pigeon,” Co-Founder, Dan Washusen said.

“The beauty of Digital Pigeon is that we see Australia as an important market, and have set up the infrastructure necessary for Australians to receive the fastest and safest file transfer service possible,” he said.

Digital Pigeon’s international competitors have only established servers in the US and EU, forcing Australians to tolerate slower speeds than should reasonably be expected. This doesn’t mean however, that international customers of Digital Pigeon lose out. Digital Pigeon also boasts dedicated servers in the US and EU to provide similarly rapid send and receive speeds for those using the service overseas.

Results for Australia


File size

Server Location

Average speed

Total time

Digital Pigeon



2600 KB/s

6 mins

We Transfer




1 hr 11 mins





54 mins

Furthermore, when Australians use international file transfer services, their data is uploaded to an international server, and downloaded in Australia. Data of Digital Pigeon users remains in Australia, on Australian servers at all times, and uses bank-grade encryption (HTTPS/SSL) for upload and download, offering an added level of safety and data sovereignty for its Aussie users.

Digital Pigeon has become popular with those in the advertising and other creative fields who need massive transfer capacity to ensure large image and movie files reach recipients on deadline. Many of these companies have spent years struggling through FTP systems and slow, clunky file transfer competitors in the past, but now enjoy the simplicity, cost-effectiveness and speed of Digital Pigeon.

Creative industry clients also enjoy added features like a customisable interface; notification of when the file has been downloaded and accessed by the recipient; the capacity to receive files from others via the Digital Pigeon website; as well as the ability to set up team plans and administration hierarchies within organisations.

Further features include a desktop application for easy drag-and-drop of individual files or complete folders (Mac and PC); plus an iPhone and iPad application that notifies clients of all send and receive activity, including when the recipient has downloaded their file.

Digital Pigeon’s client base of lawyers and accountants is also increasing due to its security features including the option of setting recipient passwords. 

Digital Pigeon was launched in February 2012 by IT gurus Dan Washusen, Stuart Clayton and advertising expert Angus Johnson. Dan and Stuart are experienced programmers with around 25 years of combined industry experience, having worked for multinationals like Sensis, Microsoft and online learning portal StudyWiz. Digital Pigeon’s user plans all include unlimited sends per month, further details are:

• Free Starter Plan: 2 gig of storage.
• Basic Plan: $15 per month or $120 per year, 20 gig of storage.
• Professional Plan: $22 a month or $180 a year, 50 gig of storage.
• Team Plan: $45 a month or $360 a year, 100 gig of storage.

Visit for more details about features and plans.


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