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goCatch – breaking the taxi rules for all the right reasons

Giving you greater certainty around taxi travel than ever before

Market leading taxi booking app, goCatch, is now providing Australian taxi passengers with greater certainty about when they can expect their next cab to arrive.

A technological, algorithmic breakthrough has allowed their software developers to build a colour coded alert system for passengers, which accurately predicts the relative busy-ness at the time they’re booking a taxi.

goCatch co-founder Andrew Campbell said the four different levels include: NORMAL, HIGH, VERY HIGH or CRAZY.

“It provides passengers with an extra layer of information which is crucial in the booking process,” Mr Campbell said.

“Booking a cab is all about certainty. Passengers want to know that their booking has been accepted and when their cab will arrive. Now we can alert them before they book about what conditions are like and how easy or difficult it will be to source a taxi.”

“Knowledge is power and we think that giving people this information improves the process of catching a cab. If it is very busy goCatch passengers have the option to post a tip to encourage quicker pickup.”

goCatch is a multi-award winning free smartphone application that connects passengers directly with taxi drivers allowing customers to book and pay for a cab with ease and certainty every time. The app is free app for Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry and is being used by hundreds of thousands of passengers across the country. Passengers can see their cab arriving in real time on their phone and can call their driver directly.

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About goCatch: GoCatch is a privately owned Australian company based in Sydney. Founded by Andrew Campbell and Ned Moorfield in January 2011, goCatch secured investment from a group of successful technology entrepreneurs and was supported by government funding from the NSW Department of Trade and Investment. Based on Bridge St Sydney in Sydney, the goCatch team is dedicated, highly skilled and has domain expertise in mobile geo-location applications.

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