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SynapseIndia embraces radiation-free offices for a healthy work environment

Driven by the force of enthusiasm and a radiation-free work environment, SynapseIndia has yet again been drenched with huge annual growth. The addition of radiation chips in the workspace of SynapseIndia has resulted in its business elevation and gain in the position of top software development company list. This step is an advanced move by the company towards the belief that a healthy work environment always helps in driving the company's business and increasing the growth as a result.

We found, we solved!We found, we solved!

In the light of this belief, a detailed analysis of the office space led to the discovery of sources that caused radiation. In an effort to create a radiation-free workplace at SynapseIndia, energy chips were installed to diminish the radiation and negative forces. As a result, the internal environment of the office transcended to a whole new level and the benefits of this steps were easily visible in various forms like the changed attitude of employees and an increase in the company's growth.

The aim of the company was never limited to the growth of the company but extended towards the betterment and a healthy growth of the employees as well.

As a matter of fact, the prime agenda of the management at SynapseIndia has always stayed focused on the wellbeing of the employees. Ergo, a maintained desirable work environment works purely as a motivation for the employees of SynapseIndia which further result in more productivity and fewer leaves.

Irrespective of the role/ position in the company, everybody wants to work in a happy working environment. Getting such an environment is an affair of good management skills and for an organization like SynapseIndia with a heavy workforce and diverse business culture, it took some noteworthy steps. Thus, each employee working in SynapseIndia experience zero stress and maximum benefits of working in a happy environment.

This creation of a radiation-free environment by SynapseIndia has dramatically increased the reputation as an employer. As a result, a high number of candidates have shown interest in our recruitment announcements. The data acquired from latest job applications and interview experiences, it can be clearly seen that more and more professionals have found it intriguing to work at by our radiation-free offices.

Scientific pieces of evidence have been found in support of the fact that various natural and artificial sources emit negative environmental radiations. Furthermore, the underground water streams and earth's magnetic core grid lines become the cause of Geopathic radiations. To make sure that the health of staff wasn't affected by these radiations, necessary steps were taken like installation of energy chips as per the proximity of different radiation sources.

Various locations of the building have these chips installed to ensure that no part of the building is left out from being protected from radiation. Areas like building entrance, washrooms, the corridors, training room, and the cafeteria, all were covered. Moreover, the server rooms were also protected by radiation chips that prevented everyone from harmful effects of the radiations emitted by the machines. Also, the proper functioning of the chips is quite important at all times, therefore, the administration officials at SynapseIndia ensure that the chips stay functional and intact. Further, a monthly inspection is carried out these chips to ensure that our employees get a radiation-free environment to work in.

The radiation-free environment of SynapseIndia has always led to generating of enormous benefits which are often seen as being translated into various business achievements. From getting a high number of clients to maintaining a remarkable relationship with them, SynapseIndia is tasting success in all forms.

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