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Datacom Group Pty Ltd and Parallels partnership provides targeted managed services support to customers

ORLANDO, FLORIDA and SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Datacom Group Pty Ltd, (“Datacom”), a global provider in the IT outsourcing and BPO industries today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Parallels, the hosting and cloud services enable-ment leader, to provide managed services that support users of Parallels Automation. The announcement was made in Orlando today during Parallels Summit 2012, an event that attracts a global audience of over 1,200 leading participants from across the cloud and hosting industry.

Under the partnership, Datacom will provide remote technical management of Parallels Automation, including support for the hardware platform and operating system, the provisioning and billing systems and the service management platforms that enable businesses to launch, manage and bill their customers for a wide range of cloud services.  The new agreement builds on the companies’ existing relationship, under which Datacom has been providing vendor support for Parallels Automation for the last 12 months.

“Parallels works closely with Datacom to augment the service provider's operational expertise", said John Zanni, VP Marketing and Alliances.  "Our Parallels Automation customers can now bring in expertise quickly to scale and manage their Parallels Automation platform."Datacom is also launching a support service for Parallels customers, providing account, technical, activation and sales support, delivered by their offices in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Clark Hobson, Vice President for Datacom Group, noted, “The comprehensive managed service we’re offering enables service providers to rapidly launch new services, expand upon their existing offerings and provide their customers with round-the-clock support at a price that’s competitive and adaptable to their changing needs.”

Datacom will provide comprehensive technical support for Parallels Automation, including patching and updating the underlying operating systems, updating and upgrading the application software and responding to and resolving system incidents. Beyond that, Datacom also offers a full BPO solution, operating the Business Automation component of Parallels Automation on customers’ behalf, including adding new services, creating new service bundles, investigating customer provisioning issues and responding to system incidents.

Datacom’s BPO experience allows customers to leave the technical, operational and customer support functions of their cloud business to Datacom, so that they can focus on the growth and development of their own customer base.

Datacom’s managed services include 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year systems management coverage, based on competitively priced packages and financially backed service-level targets. Visit Datacom at the Parallels Summit in Orlando, Florida to secure a special introductory offer of 40% off the managed services packages for the first 6 months of the service contract (terms and conditions apply).

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