Wedding Planning market trends detailed in new research report

The wedding industry in India thrives largely on the Indian notion of characterizing marriage as a singular high-point in one's life. In a bid to make one's wedding unique wedding planning industry derives a reasonable demand owing to their professionalism and touch of precision to make the entire process smooth.

Bicycle Suspension market research delivers insight into the size, share, revenue, business growth statistics, trends and key players insights 2025

Bicycle Suspension market report is an expert analysis report gives detailed overview of Top Players size, shares and Volume. Bicycle suspension is the system, or systems, used to suspend the rider and bicycle in order to insulate them from the roughness of the terrain. Bicycle suspension is used primarily on mountain bikes, but is also common on hybrid bicycles.

Eyeliner market 2019 report explores the analysis and forecasts

Eyeliner Market report summarizes global players analysis and Forecasts till 2025. Eye liner was first used in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as a dark black line around the eyes. As early as 10,000 BC, Egyptians and Mesopotamians wore various cosmetics including eye liner not only for aesthetics but to protect the skin from the desert sun. Research details developments by the Leading Players as L'Oreal Paris, EsteeLauder, P&G and More by 2025

Recent research: Global Sous Vide Machine market forecast to 2024

Sous vide is a unique process of cooking, the food must be packaged in a vacuum sealed bag, and then cooked at a low and consistent temperature in a water bath. The process started in France and has been growing in popularity; used by chefs on “Top Chef” and “The Taste”, as well as restaurants all over.

Ebikes Industry research for 2019 available in new report

The consumption of Ebikes in volume terms are also provided for major countries (or regions), and for each application and product at the global level. Market share, growth rate, and competitive factors are also evaluated for market leaders AIMA, Yadea

Global Power Lawn and Garden Equipment Market forecast 2019-2024 explored in latest research

Power Lawn and garden equipment means for gardens, green and later involved in conservation machinery and equipment, including lawn establishment and maintenance machinery, planting and maintenance of green machinery, planting and maintenance of urban trees and shrubs machinery, apparatus and equipment floriculture, garden engineering and professional sports venues.