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Global aqua gym equipment and yoga straps markets analyzed

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Statistics show that more than 30,500 gyms and health clubs operate in the United States. The follow reports take a closer look at the aqua gym equipment market and the yoga straps market.


As the name suggests, aqua gym refers to the use of water for exercise. Aqua gyms have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the reduced stress and pressure they place on the joints.

When exercising in water, for instance, there's little-to-no pressure places on your knees. As such, individuals suffering from arthritis and similar health conditions can typically engage in aqua gym exercises without experiencing the pain of a traditional workout session.

The Global Aqua Gym Equipments Sales Market 2017 report by The Market Reports is a comprehensive study of the global aqua gym equipment market. Covering historic data from 2012 as well as future prospective scenarios through 2022, it explores the market from all angles.

Within this report, you'll find detailed information pertaining to the aqua gym equipment market's trends, classifications, definitions, industry chain structure, import and export consumption and more. In essence, it's a complete and detailed study of the global aqua gym equipment market.

This report segments the aqua gym equipment market by several criteria. On the basis of application, the market is segmented by cardiovascular aqua gym equipment, strength aqua gym equipment and others.

On the basis of end-user applications, the market is segmented by specialty stores, department stores, online retailers and others.

Some of the key vendors profiled in this report Aqua Lung International, Speedo International, Sprint Aquatics, Aqua-Fitness, Aquajogger, Texas Rec, Beco-Beermann, Black Lagoon Products, Finis, Hydro-Fit, N-Fox and others.

The 2017 Global Yoga Straps Industry Depth Research report by The Market Reports is a professional analysis of the global yoga straps market. Unlike the first report, however, it explores the yoga straps market instead of aqua gym equipment.

Statistics show that more than 15 million people in the United States practice yoga at least once per month. Of those who practice yoga, roughly 72.2% are women and 27.8% are male.

Yoga can be performed with or without equipment. The most common type of equipment used in yoga is are resistance straps, which is the basis on which this report was prepared.

Yoga straps are used to create resistance, which in turn engages muscles while subsequently burning calories and building muscle mass.

While this report govers the entire global market for yoga straps, it breaks down the regions in which they are commonly used, including North America, Europe, China, Japan and others. Each region is scrutinized, revealing its respective growth rate, production value, market share, price, gross margin and consumption.

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