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Insights on UK's media consumption habits & future predictions illuminated by new report

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As streaming markets become more congested, services are giving greater priority and promotion to content discovery features. People have a growing expectation that streaming services should be able to find them the most suitable new content amongst their vast libraries. Successfully helping people discover new content that they enjoy will boost loyalty and the value that a user assigns to one service over another.

Market Research Hub (MRH) has included a new report in its repository named Media Consumption Habits Make an Inquiry about this news in UK During 2017.’ This report offers a detailed analysis and insights that are supported by vital statistics and data. Streaming market is becoming over crowded day–by-day and a major priority is given to the service and promotion to content discovery feature.

The report further reveals that consumers have certain expectations from the streaming service in the form that it can provide more suitable content through their vast libraries. Further, the report also discloses that the successful attempt to discover new content will rev-up the faithfulness and the value that a consumer assigns to one service over another.