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Impact of advertising and marketing on UK's parents– in-depth market assessment available in new report

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While being a parent has never been easy, it could be argued that today's parents face a unique set of factors that are making them more stressed than preceding generations. With this in mind, campaigns that carry pro-relaxation messages are likely to resonate with this cohort, particularly where they can emphasize that relaxing needn't equal expensive.

Parenting is not an easy task. 21st century parents face several grave stress inducing situations unlike the earlier generations of parents. The need of the hour is for de-stressing hassled young parents of the current generation with techniques such as relaxation and meditation.

With the inclusion of a new report titled Marketing to Parents - UK Make an Inquiry about this news - November 2017,’ Market Research Hub (MRH) aims to study the various stress busting initiatives being marketed to parents in the UK. The report offers useful insights on marketing to parents with the main objective of providing a clear picture of the current parenting scenario in the UK.