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5 key projections on riflescope market for forecast period 2017 - 2022 insights shared in detailed report

The market is projected to register 4.0% CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2022. Major market players are also moving towards signing contracts with military and are also introducing new products.

Dublin 2, Ireland, Oct 16, 2017- Providing accuracy, increasing rifle range, offering better vision, the riflescope is being used on a large scale by the armed forces, shooting sports community, and hunting. Most of the major companies already provide various features such as HD micro-display, night vision riflescope.

However, manufacturers are also focusing on providing next-gen of riflescope with innovative technology such as advanced zoom which magnifies vision by 1.5 times, with wireless technology it has become easy to connect image from a riflescope camera into the soldier’s night vision goggle. By connecting these two, soldiers will be able to aim the weapon, without the need of raising it to the eye.