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'UK Cards and Payments Market’ report provides the insight into various payment cards market trends and growth opportunities in the UK along with the complete information about different types cards in the market. It also offers an epitomized assessment about the competitors in the market, influential marketing strategies, customer purchase patterns, adopted payment methods in the e-commerce industry and significant government regulations associated with the UK cards and payments market.

UK Cards And Payments Market - By Cards (Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards), By Payment Terminals (POS And ATM's), By Payment Instruments (Credit Transfers, Direct Debit, Cheques And Payment Cards) - Transaction Value, Volumes, Historical Trends, Analysis And Forecasts (2017 -2021)

Prepaid Cards will vary from a payroll card, gift card to a travel card and are not linked to any holding bank accounts of the user. The customers can add the required value to their cards from debit or credit cards, bank transfer or cash and use them for purchases.

The cards can be utilized for travel, commute, online purchases and gifts. The introduction of Universal Credit Program in 2013 greatly promoted the growth of prepaid cards market in the United Kingdom.