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Kasisto Kai Banking, Next IT Alme, ZestFinance listed as Emerging Companies by 360Quadrants for AI in Fintech Solutions

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The AI in Fintech solutions market in this report is defined as the summation of AI enabled Fintech solution and services. AI in Fintech refers to the theory and development of computer systems capable of performing finance-related tasks which usually require human intelligence.

360Quadrants powered by MarketsandMarkets™, the world’s only comparison platform that combines expert analysis with crowdsourced insights has released a quadrant on AI in Fintech Solutions to help businesses make quicker and more informed decisions. The quadrant has Kasisto Kai Banking, Next IT Alme, ZestFinance sharing space as Emerging Companies.

360Quadrants are generated post analysis of companies (product portfolios and business strategy). Quadrants will be updated every three months, and the position of vendors will reflect how buyers, industry experts, and other vendors rate them on different parameters.

AI in Fintech Solutions Quadrant Highlights

360Quadrants states AI in Fintech as the theory and development of computer systems capable of performing finance related tasks which usually require human intelligence. It is an application of AI technology enabled with the financial sector in various forms such as designing investment strategies, anomaly detection with pattern recognition, voice recognition, text mining, semantic analysis, and market analysis with data mining.

360Quadrants covers 37 companies in the AI in Fintech Solutions space and places the top 25 of them in a quadrant depending on their quality, reliability, and business outcome. These 25 companies are categorized into Visionary Leaders, Dynamic Differentiators, Emerging Companies, and Innovators.

360Quadrants recognizes Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick, Amazon AWS Alexa, Salesforce Einstein, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, and IBM Watson Platform as Visionary Leaders; IPSoft Amelia,ComplyAdvantage, Nuance Virtual Assistance, Inbenta InbentaBot, Digital Reasoning Conduct Surveillance as Innovators; Samsung Bixby and Microstrategy HyperIntelligence as Dynamic Differentiators; and DataRobot, Razorthink Big Brain, Numenta HTM for Stocks suite, Anodot AI Analytics, Brighterion Smart Agents, Kasisto Kai Banking, Next IT Alme, ZestFinance ZAML, Ayasdi Enterprise AI, Voyager Analytics, AlphaSense and Wallet. AI as Emerging Companies.

The 360Quadrants platform provides the most granular AI in Fintech Solutions comparisons between vendors.


The methodology used to rank AI in Fintech Solutions companies involved the use of extensive secondary research to identify key vendors by referring to annual reports, press releases, investor presentations, white papers, and various related directories and databases. 25 key vendors were shortlisted on the basis of their breadth of product offerings, organization size, and other criteria.

The scores and weights for shortlisted vendors against each parameter were finalized post research.  After the ratings were finalized, each vendor was placed in respective quadrants based on their score in the product offering and business strategy parameters.

Recent activities in the AI in Fintech solutions sector covering Kasisto include:

Kasisto teams with Blue Turtle for KAI, its AI platform for intelligent conversations

Kasisto leads the finance industry when it comes to conversational AI software. It has recently teamed up with Blue Turtle Technologies,  a leading South African company providing solutions for enterprise technology management.

Through this agreement, Blue Turtle will be an official reseller for KAI, Kasisto’s conversational AI platform, and will bring this advanced AI platform to clients. Blue Turtle will also integrate KAI into its FinTech solutions portfolio to allow clients to execute secure, real-time customer interaction.

KAI powers omni-channel virtual assistants and bots with deep expertise in the financial domain. It works across websites, mobile applications, messaging platforms, and voice-enabled devices and allows financial institutions to acquire customers and engage with them through intelligent human-like conversations.

Kasisto’s KAI is proficient in banking; bots and assistants powered by it can assist customers with managing money, tracking expenses, analyzing spending, making payments, and other activities. Through contextual, personalized conversations, KAI fulfils requests, solves problems, and predicts client needs.

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