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360Quadrants recognizes DataRobot as an Emerging Company in the AI in Fintech space

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The AI in Fintech solutions market in this report is defined as the summation of AI enabled Fintech solution and services. AI in Fintech refers to the theory and development of computer systems capable of performing finance-related tasks which usually require human intelligence.

360Quadrants, the world’s only comparison platform that combines expert analysis with crowdsourced reviews, has released a quadrant on AI in Fintech solutions to help businesses make quicker and more informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Fintech refers to the theory and development of computer systems capable of performing finance-related tasks that usually require human intelligence. It is an application of AI technology used in the financial sector to design investment strategies, detect anomalies with pattern & voice recognition, and conduct market analysis with data mining.

The AI in Fintech solutions market for this quadrant is defined as the summation of AI-enabled Fintech solutions and services.

For this quadrant, the components of AI in Fintech are mainly segmented into solutions and software. Major application areas of AI in Fintech solutions are virtual assistants, business analytics & reporting, and customer behavioral analytics.

These solutions have been analyzed based on cloud and on-premise deployment.

DataRobot has been identified as an emerging company in the AI in Fintech space given its extensive product features, high product quality, reliability, suitable channel strategy, and wide geographical footprint. 360Quadrants also lists competitors of DataRobot in the AI in Fintech space.

AI in Fintech offerings from DataRobot aim to deliver valuable insights and intelligence from data. The company has an established product portfolio with a robust market presence and business strategy.

Some of the major developments of the company include:

DataRobot and Korea Credit Bureau team up to build better models for credit scoring

DataRobot, a pioneer in automated machine learning, has made arrangements for an automated machine learning platform for use by the Korea Credit Bureau (KCB). This system will enable the KCB to undertake swift yet accurate development of credit evaluation models.

KCB is a South Korean credit information company that is comprised of 18 major companies in the financial industry.

By adopting DataRobot’s automated machine learning solution, KCB will be able to streamline the process of model development for credit evaluation and prediction and make models more accurate.

The implementation of this solution allows for seamless automation of the procedure required for building machine learning models. DataRobot capable of identifying ideal algorithms swiftly and ranking models while comparing training result predictions to actual results.

Through this upgrade, DataRobot will reinforce the development of integrated platforms for financial analysts, underwriters, marketers, and other FinTech personnel, and also aid enterprises in detecting and preventing fraud.

Automated machine learning platform by DataRobot will scale AI applications for Precision Marketing Asia Pacific

DataRobot and Precision Marketing Asia Pacific are working together by using DataRobot’s automatic machine learning platform for the automation of developing and operationalizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Precision Marketing Asia Pacific will rely on DataRobot for building and deploying machine learning models at scale in order to better understand the prospects that their customers should target for a campaign.

This will subsequently lead to a significant increase in ROI.

Precision Marketing is a marketing organization that uses data to run campaigns for customers throughout APAC. Their teams will now be able to leverage DataRobot in order to automate and scale efforts for machine learning while giving data scientists freedom to work on more strategic projects.

Automated machine learning will give a boost to predictive models developed by Precision Marketing, allowing them to optimize the efficiency of marketing programs for their customers. DataRobot’s solution also enables the delivery of more updated functionality that includes cross-validation as well as text mining.

This will lead to a significant performance boost and better in-business efficiencies.

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