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Discover the ATM popularity; North America & APAC regions- together boosting revenue of global interactive kiosk market

ATM Machines are being increasingly used today across all over the world with people from all sections and ages. The ease of utilization added with decreasing risks associated with this industry are adding healthy potential to the overall Interactive Kiosk Market.

An interactive kiosk is a network of hardware and software together enabling easy access of information or services mostly applied in communication, commerce, entertainment, education, ticketing and more. It is basically a network operated computer operative terminal designed to serve the public with convenient information access in various forms.

From pure button-system, the kiosks today are touch based. The modern interface of touchscreen technology is successful evolution of evolution from keyboard and mouse interface designs.

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A vast number of applications like bill payment, ticket vending, banking, directions help on maps etc are the key attractions of the interactive kiosk market, according to IndustryARC. Growing competition at retail level has resulted into newer functions for kiosks such as coin hoppers, bill acceptor, card readers and thermal printers to enhance and customize the task performance resulting into increasing demand for the interactive kiosks globally.

Another major driving factor for the market is growing installations for bill payments, banks in making deposits & withdrawal, and ticketing in order to avoid long queues and save customer’s time and enhance their experience.

ATM Machines- One of the Top Contributors:

ATMs are a super hit these days. A majority of the world population utilize this facility owing to the easy usage method and high convenience.

This automated teller machine has held the largest section of the global sales in the past couple of years and this trend is expected to continue even during the coming years of the forecast period 2016-2022.

These machines are strategically placed outside the banks, retail outlets, and supermarkets where the customers usually need fast cash. The ATMs provided by the banks are totally secure and the chance of frauds are minimized.

Further decrease in risks in this market has been adding additional leverage to the consumption. Looking at the feature and application of the interactive kiosks in banking & service industry, the ATM interactive kiosks market shall clearly generate healthy sales in the near future.

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Geographical Outlook:

North America dominated the global interactive kiosk market 2015 followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific as the second and third largest regional markets for interactive kiosks in 2015. While North American Interactive kiosk market is expected to witness strong growth in the near future due to increasing installation of kiosk terminal at various public location to serve customers better and save their time by avoiding long queues, APAC might have the strongest growth CAGR observed.

This is because of the increasing popularity of interactive kiosks system in various industries in the APAC region. In the digital era, most of the consumers are attracted towards the company’s retail products through interactive kiosks, thereby inducing the growth of the interactive kiosks market in this region.

For instance, in 2015, Kirin (Japan) deployed a vending kiosk for operational as well as promotional activity. The APAC region is expected to exhibit the highest growth rate in interactive kiosks market because of its acceptance in retails, transport, banking, and entertainment among others.

Segmentation Overview:

According to IndustryARC, the Interactive Kiosk Market is segmented into 4 broad types with sub segments each. Both, the primary types and sub-types are studied well and included in this report

  1. By Type of Kiosks: Retail Interactive Kiosk (Food & Beverage Kiosk and Ticketing Kiosk), Self Service Kiosk (Information Kiosk, Photo Service, Hospital Kiosk, Hotel Kiosk), ATM’s (BFSI Kiosk)
  2. By End Use Industry: Retail Industry, Entertainment & Hospitality, Medical, Transportation, Government & BFSI, Education and Others
  3. By Implementation: Point-of-Information Kiosks, Product Promotion Kiosks, Service/ Transaction Kiosks, Product Dispensing Kiosks and Internet Commerce Kiosks.
  4. By Geography: Americas, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World.

Vendors Brief:

More than 40 major players of the Interactive Kiosk Market are analyzed by IndustryARC in this market research report; few of which are:

  • Siemens AG
  • IBM Corporation
  • Diebold Inc.
  • KIOSK Information Systems Inc.
  • Phoenix Kiosk, Inc.

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