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Food dehydrators are designed to remove moisture from food. When moisture remains trapped inside food, it promotes spoilage while shortening the food's shelf life. The following reports take a closer look at the global food dehydrator market.


While the exact water content varies, it's not uncommon for meats to contain up to 75% moisture by volume. Fruits have an even higher content of moisture, ranging from 80% to 95%.

As a result, foods such as these generally have a short shelf life when stored at room temperature.

There are ways to preserve and prolong the shelf life of foods, however, including the use of dehydrators.

This device is designed to extract moisture from foods, which in turn protects against the formation of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Normally, storing meat at room temperature will cause it to spoil very quickly, usually in just a few hours.

Microorganisms will enter the meat, reproducing while turning the meat rancid in the process. Placing meat in a dehydrator, however, protects against spoilage such as this.

By extracting moisture from the meat, microorganisms can longer thrive inside.

As a side benefit, dehydrators also reduce the weight of foods. A substantial amount of a food's weight comes from its moisture content.

Therefore, you can make food lighter by placing it in a dehydrator. An otherwise heavy slice of beef, for instance, can be turned into lightweight jerky via a dehydrator.

The Global Commercial Food Dehydrators Sales Market 2018 report by The Market Reports is a professional analysis of the global commercial food dehydrators market. Featuring 118 pages, this report analyzes the market from all angles.

Whether you work in the food dehydrator market or simply consume the products, you should consider buying this report. It's one of the most complete and detailed reports covering the global commercial food dehydrators market.

Some of the food dehydrator vendors profiled in this report include Excalibur, Nesco, Weston, L’equip, Lem, Open Country, Ronco, Tsm Products, Waring, Salton Corp., Presto, Tribest, Aroma, Hamilton Beach and others.

The Global Food Dehydrators Market Professional Survey report by The Market Reports is a second comprehensive study of the global food dehydrators market. While it covers much of the same information as the first report, this report explores all types of food dehydrators, including those used for personal and commercial purposes.

This report segments the global food dehydrators market by several criteria. On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into stackable food dehydrators and shelf dehydrators.

On the basis of end-user applications, the market is segmented into home use and commercial use. Finally, the report segments the market by geographic region, covering North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and India.

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