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Increased excise duty on alcoholic beverages impacting global beverage cans market

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Beverage cans constitute the primary layer of packaging, which is the most essential packaging layer as it comes into direct contact with the contents.

The global market for beverage cans is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.3% over the forecast period on the back of rising beverage demand, and reach a market size of USD 61 billion by 2024.

The beverage cans market Make an Inquiry about this news witnessed growth across the globe in recent years as consumers increasingly become brand as well as health conscious. These cans cater to both these consumer trends providing a large printable surface serving as a 360 degree billboard for companies to advertise their brand, and assure consumers of quality by using metals that protect against corrosion and spoilage of the beverage.

Beverage cans are manufactured using different metals like tin, aluminum and steel, and are used for a variety of beverages like alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, juices etc.