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Garlic market forecast 2017 - 2022 made available by top research firm

The global garlic market is expected to experience moderate growth. Due to the increasing consumption of garlic as an ingredient in various foods and also being used as a traditional medicine, the demand of garlic is boosting.

Dublin 2, Ireland, Oct 16-2017: Consisting anti-rheumatic, carminative and digestive properties, garlic is consumed all over the world in form of an ingredient in various cuisines. Garlic is used mostly in cooking as it softens its pungent flavor, roasted garlic is also being consumed as it balances the flavor by offering nutty and delicate flavor.

A fresh and raw form of garlic is consumed more than the other forms as the raw garlic is effective in cold and flu, high blood pressure, heart diseases, it is considered as one of the best antibiotics for fungal and bacterial infections. Manufacturers are also focusing on retaining maximum benefits and taste offered by raw garlic even after converting it into a paste or powdered form.