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Magnesium oxide price keeps on high level

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   At present, the magnesium oxide price is keeping on a high level in recent years. Since this year, the all of major Chinese magnesium oxide manufacturers profits a lot. Most of them achieves the best profit since this year.

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   According to information, since this year, because the capacity of domestic magnesium oxide raw material is surplus seriously, the magnesium oxide price continuous low level.

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It brings plenty of cheap raw material to these magnesium oxide manufacturers.

At the same time, driven by brisk demand from downstream industries, factory price of magnesium oxide is rising steadily, and sets a new record in recent years.

   According to the introduction of Meishen Technology’s expert, the magnesium oxide production is mainly used natural gas as raw material internationally. For the past few years, the continuous rise of petroleum and gas price enhances the cost of international magnesium oxide suppliers and manufacturer.

It leads to reduction or halt production of magnesium oxide equipment from Europe, North America, Japan and other countries and areas. This kind of situation stimulates the export of domestic magnesium oxide, and boosts the continuously rising magnesium oxide price in the domestic.

   Under the stimulus of double factors between domestic and foreign, a large number of Chinese magnesium oxide manufacturers achieves the best profit. The price is higher than the last year a lot.

What’s more, the downstream market demand is flourishing. It is basically no inventory. The load rate of enterprises’ equipment is maintaining more than 80% generally.

   With the constant expanding application areas of magnesium oxide, the magnesium oxide demand from domestic and overseas will grow by leaps and bounds in the future. The magnesium oxide suppliers and manufacturers will grasp this opportunity and keep on expanding the scale of production.

According to rough statistics, at present, it is more than 100, 000 tons of magnesium oxide projects which is establishing and planing to establish. According to the plan, if these projects can be built in three years, the Chinese magnesium oxide general capacity will achieve more than a million tons at that time.

It will occupy more than a halt of the globe capacity.

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