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Research delivers insight into the mist eliminators market forecast 2014-2024

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The mist eliminators are those mechanical devices which help in removing the oil vapor which is visible from air stream coming out of the vents especially in lubricating oil systems of high speed and large rotating shaft equipment including steam turbines, gas turbines, turbo generators, turbo compressors, high speed couplings, reciprocating engines and gear boxes among others.

The mist eliminator devices help in prevention of oil mist coming from contaminating soil or air thus helping the facilities to comply with regulations related to the environment.

Mist eliminators also helps in making a safer and relatively cleaner work environment by evacuating the oily residue build up on the room floors of the engines, stairwells and enclosures despite enhancing the overall outdoor and indoor air quality, thus reducing fire hazards. The mist eliminator also aids in saving money by returning the used oil to the sump which might generally be lost during the process of venting, thus greatly reduces overall turnaround make up costs.