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Turning the gears of the torque wrench market

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A torque wrench is a tool designed to apply a precise amount of torque to a nut, bolt or other fastener. The following two reports explore the global torque wrench market and where it's headed.

There are certain applications, such as installing a new head gasket to an automotive engine, that require the use of a specific amount of torque. If too much torque is applied, it may break the nut or bolt.

If too little torque is applied, it may fail to turn the nut or bolt. Thankfully, there's a tool designed to provide a controlled, precise amount of torque.

Known as a torque wrench, this tool is used in applications where the correct torque, or tightness, or a screw or bolt is essential. Of course, there are several different types of torque wrenches, including beam, deflecting beam, slipper and click.

Each type works in a different manner. The most common type, the beam torque wrench, features a lever that's lifted to apply torque to the fastener.

The slipper type, on the other hand, features a roller and cam to apply torque.

The Global Torque Wrenches Market Professional Survey 2018 report by The Market Reports is a comprehensive study of the global torque wrench market. Within this report, you'll find key data on the market's size, classifications, chain structure, trends, growth drivers, growth rates, challenges, import and export, and more.

Some of the key torque wrench vendors profiled in this report include Aimco, Armstrong Tools, Atlas Copco Industrial Technique, Beta Utensili, Carl Stahl Gmbh , Crane Electronics Ltd , Enerpac, Gearwrench, Gedore Tool Center Kg, Griphold Engineering, Htl (Hire Torque Ltd), Hytorc, Ingersoll Rand, Juwel Schraubtechnik and more.

The Global Electronic Torque Wrench Market Research report by The Market Reports is a second professional study of the torque wrench market, though it focuses specifically on electronic torque wrenches. Like a regular torque wrench, an electronic torque allows the user to control the amount of torque applied to the fastener.

However, it's powered by an electric motor instead of the user's body. Most electronic torque wrenches have an on-board computer that automatically shuts off voltage once the desired amount of torque has been applied.

This fail-safe protects against the use of too much or too little torque.

This report segments the global electronic torque wrench market by several criteria. On the basis of geographic region, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India.

On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into straight design and angled design. Finally, the market is segmented by end-user application, including transportation, manufacturing and assembly, construction and others.

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