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Learn details of the ultrafast lasers market by geographical segmentation, analysis and outlook

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From 2016-2021, this ultrafast-growing market should more than triple, leaping from $2.7 billion in 2016 to almost $7.1 billion in the end year.

New proprietary research by Research Cosmos reveals that governmental mandates promoting laser marking in the industrial sector and the increasing demand for minimally invasive surgeries in the health care sector are boosting huge growth in the global market for ultrafast lasers. 

The report “Global Ultrafast Lasers Market Analysis with Forecasts to 2022 | Growth Opportunities” that fiber lasers dominated the overall market with a share of 54.2%, Due to its features, such as high optical quality, high output power and high vibration reliability; these have replaced other traditional ultrafast lasers in recent years.

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Research Highlights

Technological advancements are driving major growth opportunities for ultrafast laser manufacturers.

Laser marking is easier to recycle than other processes, yielding an attractive and eco-friendly process over conventional techniques.

Improving production and manufacturing efficiency is creating demand for ultrafast lasers across industrial, manufacturing, technology, biomedical and communication sectors.

"Factors supporting the growth of ultrafast lasers include their unmatchable high range intensity due to their low divergence angles, minimal energy loss in the overall path covered, and their high level of energy," says Research Cosmos. "There's nothing that matches up with ultrafast lasers, and that's not expected to change for the near future."

Strong Growth Related to Increased Applications

After many years in research and development, ultrafast laser technology is now finding extended applications, including the medical and photovoltaic sectors.

"Also, declining prices are enabling users to find more new applications of ultrafast lasers," notes Fitzgerald. "For example, fiber lasers are enabling lower-priced products, which are necessary for micromachining.

Also, Q-switched lasers are being substituted with ultrafast lasers, as well."

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Report Scope:

The ultrafast lasers market is segmented into the follow categories:

  • - By type: titanium-sapphire lasers, diode-pumped lasers, fiber lasers and mode-locked diode lasers.
  • - By application: biomedical, materials processing, spectroscopy and imaging, science and research, and others.
  • - By pulse duration: picosecond and femtosecond.
  • - By region: North America is segmented into the U.S., Canada and Mexico; Europe is segmented into France, Italy, Germany, the U.K., Russia and rest of Commonwealth Independent States (CIS); Asia-Pacific (APAC) is segmented into China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and others; and the rest of the world (ROW) covers the Middle East, Africa and South America.

In addition to industry and competitive analysis of the ultrafast lasers market, this report also includes a patent analysis and a listing of company profiles for key players in the ultrafast lasers market.

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Report Includes:

  • - An overview of the global markets for ultra-fast lasers and related technologies.
  • - Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2015 and 2016, and projections of CAGRs through 2021.
  • - Segmentation of the ultrafast lasers global market into three major categories based on type, application, and geography.
  • - Coverage of different types of ultra fast lasers including titanium-sapphire lasers, diode-pumped lasers, fiber lasers, and mode-locked diode lasers, as well as pico-second and femtosecond ultrafast lasers.
  • - Insight into the market through investigation of market sizes, revenue forecasts, value chains, market and product trends, and the competitive landscape.
  • - Evaluation of the market's dynamics with respect to its drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
  • - Profiles of major players in the industry.

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