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New report projects rapid growth for Pet Grooming Products market

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Ask any pet owner and he or she will agree: Pets are members of the family. As a result, many owners spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on pet grooming products. This report explores the global pet grooming products market.

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Statistics show 85 million U.S. households now own a pet. While dogs and cats are the most popular pets, there are dozens of other animals owned and kept as pets.

Regardless, caring owners typically give their pets the utmost attention by treating them to grooming sessions.

What is pet grooming exactly? The term "grooming" generally refers to bathing, trimming fur and trimming nails.

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Most pets, including dogs and cats, need baths on a regular basis. Otherwise, they'll accumulate dirt and debris in their coat.

Of course, most pets need regular fur and nail trimming as well. Grooming consists of these and other activities related to the hygienic care of pets.

While pet grooming is often performed for aesthetic purposes, such as improving the appearance of a dog or cat, it can offer health benefits as well. Pets with overgrown, unkempt fur coats, for example, are more likely to suffer from fleas and ticks than their counterparts with a well-trimmed coat.

Owners can protect their pets from pests such as these, however, by investing in grooming products.

Pet grooming can be performed either by pet owners or professional groomers. Many owners perform their own grooming to save money.

After purchasing the necessary grooming products, they can perform a complete grooming session in their own home. With that said, some owners prefer using the services of a professional pet groomer.

Professional pet groomers have the tools, skills and experience to safely and effectively groom pets.

Whether it's performed by an owner or professional groomer, though, pet grooming requires the use of products. To bathe a pet, for example, you'll need pet-friendly shampoo.

To trim a pet's fur coat, you'll need fur trimmers. And to clip a pet's nails, you'll need pet-friendly nail trimmers.

The Pet Grooming Products Market by Type (Shampoo & Conditioner, Comb & Brush, Clippers & Scissors, and Others) and Distribution Channel (Retail Store, Online Platform, Supermarket/Hyperma…018 - 2025 report by Premium Market Insights is a comprehensive study of the global pet grooming products market.

Some of the key pet grooming product vendors profiled in this report include Ancol Pet Product Limited, Beaphar, Ferplast S.P.A., Johnson's Veterinary Products Ltd., PetEdge, Rolf C. Hagen Inc., Rosewood Pet Products, Ryan's Pet Supplies, The Hartz Mountain Corporation, and Wahl Clipper Corporation.

According to the report, the pet grooming products market is expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 4.5% through 2025.

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