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Discover the insights on gaming in ireland during 2017

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While mobile gaming is an increasingly profitable sector of the market, possible issues lie in the increased proliferation of clone games, leaving three quarters of Irish consumers feeling many mobile games are similar, while consumers are more inclined to note they dont enjoy mobile games as much as those on traditional game platforms.

Market Research Hub (MRH) has included a new report in its database titled ‘Gaming in Ireland during 2017 Make an Inquiry about this news.’ this report offers a detailed analysis and insights that are supported by vital statistics and data. Mobile gaming is the driving factor for the growth of the market.

Feasible issue lie in the increase escalation of ‘clone’ gaming. As three quarters of the Irish consumers feels that the most of the mobile game are similar, as consumers are largely prone to note they don’t enjoy mobile games as much as those games which are played on traditional platforms.