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Research delivers insight into the 5 unique ways to promote your ecommerce store during festive season 2017

IT Market Research

Christmas and New Year have always been the hotspots of online sales, with Forrester projecting a massive 12% rise in ecommerce sales during this month.

Those are rather usual trends as online shopping generally picks up pace during holiday and festive seasons, be it Thanksgiving or Halloween. The National Retail Federation revealed that festive season sales surged drastically by 3% (touching $626.1 billion) in 2017.

This year, it will be even higher.

If you’ve been operating an ecommerce store since a good number of years, you must have surely noticed a surge in competition and sales promotions by ecommerce giants during this part of the year. With seamless promotion and e-marketing, those who have enough to fund these campaigns generally get an edge to improve their ecommerce visibility and sales during festivals, and end earning a fortune.