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Research study on U.S. television advertising market just published

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Many online adults viewed a commercial via linear television in the last week, and these ads continue to have a powerful influence; the majority of viewers for every category surveyed have had some positive responses to commercials, including the desire to learn about new products and gain new insight into ones with which theyre already familiar.

In spite of the competition from new media platforms, television is expected to remain as the largest advertisement segment. It has been analyzed that twenty years after the launch of Netflix, and more than a decade since the launch of YouTube, advertisers continue to increase spending on television commercials.

Recently, a new study focusing on the U.S. market has been publicized to the massive database of Market Research Hub (MRH), which is titled as “Television Advertising - US Make an Inquiry about this news - January 2018”.

The main objective of this study is to provide readers vital details about the current market scenario along with its future growth prospects.