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F5 Networks, Nozomi Networks and Kaspersky Labs listed as Innovators by 360Quadrants for Industrial Control Systems Security

Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions

Identify the best Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions. Read unbiased reviews and insights, compare features and key buying criteria. View top Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions 360 quadrants to know the market leader.

360Quadrants powered by MarketsandMarkets™, the world’s only comparison platform that combines expert analysis with crowdsourced insights has released a quadrant on Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions to help businesses make quicker and more informed decisions. The quadrant has F5 Networks, Nozomi Networks, and Kaspersky Labs sharing space as Innovators.

360Quadrants are generated post analysis of companies (product portfolios and business strategy). Quadrants will be updated every three months, and the position of vendors will reflect how buyers, industry experts, and other vendors rate them on different parameters

Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions Quadrant Highlights

360Quadrants states Industrial Control Systems Security as the ability of organizations to secure their automation processes and related critical information from cyber intrusions for uninterrupted and sustained productivity of utilities, grids, transportation systems, and manufacturing plants.

360Quadrants covers 90+ companies in the Industrial Control Systems Security space and places the top 52 of them in a quadrant depending on their quality, reliability, and business outcome. These 52 companies are categorized into Visionary Leaders, Dynamic Differentiators, Emerging Companies, and Innovators.

360Quadrants recognizes ABB, Belden, Check Point Software Technologies, Cisco Systems, Fortinet, GE, Honeywell, McAfee, and Siemens as Visionary Leaders; Kaspersky Lab, Nozomi Networks, F5 Networks, Bayshore Networks, Indegy, Schneider Electric, and Symantec as Innovators; FireEye, IBM, Raytheon, Rockwell Automation, and Trend Micro as Dynamic Differentiators; and BAE Systems, Carbon Black, CyberArk, Claroty, and SecurityMatters as Emerging Companies. The 360Quadrants platform provides the most granular Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions comparisons between vendors.


The used to rank Industrial Control Systems Security companies involved the use of extensive secondary research to identify key vendors by referring to annual reports, press releases, investor presentations, white papers, and various related directories and databases. 52 key vendors were shortlisted on the basis of their breadth of product offerings, organization size, and other criteria.

The scores and weights for shortlisted vendors against each parameter were finalized post research.  After the ratings were finalized, each vendor was placed in respective quadrants based on their score in the product offering and business strategy parameters.

Recent activities in the Industrial Control Systems Security sector covering F5 Networks include:

F5 Networks Introduces Super-NetOps Initiative

The Super-NetOps initiative—by F5 Networks—is a community-based program that provides industry training with an aim to evolve network operation functions and enable the delivery of application services through a service model instead of a traditional, ticket-driven approach.

Several businesses are dependent on applications for the delivery of innovation, which keeps them competitive and addresses customer demand. The DevOps movement gained traction due to its ability to address critical cultural and technical bottlenecks that hindered the delivery of innovation to the market.

Although business demands for application uptime and stability discourage networking teams from adopting automation and service-delivery models, the demand for IT services is now surpassing the abilities of manual, task-based approaches. Therefore, developers are looking towards alternative tools for the delivery of the required application services, going around network operations personnel for the strategic deployment of cloud-based applications.

The Super-NetOps program helps network operations staff address the above challenge by sharing with them the skills necessary to standardize critical application services and providing these within automated toolchains. This allows teams to decrease the time to service from days to minutes, and ensures that all applications are meeting the necessary standards for performance, compliance, and policy.

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