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360Quadrants recognizes NewTek Corporation as a Visionary Leader in the 3D Animation market for education

3D Animation Software in Education

Identify the best 3D Animation Software in Education. Read reviews and unbiased insights, compare features and view 3D Animation Software 360 quadrants to know the market leader in Education.

3D animation is widely used for education and training in the fields of medicine, architecture, aerospace, product marketing, engineering, historical recreations, biotechnology, archaeology, real estate, and vehicle operation. The appeal of 3D animation in education is enhanced due to the study material being significantly more expressive and easy to when compared to 2D diagrams and textual materials.

NewTek is an enterprise that specializes in live and post-production visual imaging software and video tools for personal users. On the 360Quadrants platform, NewTek is recognized as a Visionary Leader for its a strong portfolio of 3D animation services.

Visionary Leaders like NewTek strengthen their market position by applying futuristic business strategies. The following development has recently had an impact on NewTek’s growth and business strategies.

Rebelhill Introduces Tutorial Series for Lightwave 3D 2018

LightWave 3D is a renowned 3D animation software created by NewTek with applications in film, motion graphics, television, digital matte painting, video games development, visual effects, product design, virtual production, architectural visualizations, music videos, advertising, and pre-visualizations. RebelHill is a distinguished artist, trainer, and third-party developer in the LightWave 3D community.

Recently, RebelHill released a comprehensive list of tutorials for lighting, rendering, and shading in LightWave 3D 2018.

Through this series, users are exposed to the intricacies of the rendering system and shown techniques to achieve high-quality renders. Users are also provided with the basic knowledge required to understand the system.

These tutorials are for beginners as well as experienced 3D artists. This detailed series contains several dozen video tutorials and gives users all the information and instruction they require to master the LightWave 2018’s new rendering engine.

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