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Mobile business setups for revival and profitability industry : key market trends & analysis ,opportunities & forecasts available in new report

An ultimate guide to mobile operator wizardry involved in building profitable businesses beyond 2014; portfolio planning ahead NGN up-grades, and trends of monetization; best practices in mobile-fixed partnerships, resource allocation & re-utilization; with referential case studies-straight from the horse’s mouth.

Research Beam added a report “Mobile Business Setups for Revival…y 2014 and Beyond

Mobile Business Setups – for Revival & Profitability: The reasons which led us to choose this particular project springs from the telecoms happenings globally in the past couple of years. After a decade of extraordinary growth, when telecom players had been generating huge revenues and had great profit margins, the industry is today at a point where even many established players are struggling for their survival.

And it’s high time even for the players that are in safe position today to review and restructure their mobile business setups to remain profitable in the future.

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We sought to analyse the various new opportunities that all the players in the telecom market can grab to grow and become more profitable in the years to come.

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But what are the current challenges that are holding them back to Invest, Innovate or Monetise? And how the players can reinvent themselves to counter those challenges and quickly enhance their competitiveness – that’s exactly what the Report endeavours to answer.

In particular we analysed:

  1. Majority of operators’ business bottom lines are at the stage of no profit/ no loss. How can they return to strong growth?
  2. Towards which side be investments inclined in the future and what would be their probable gestation period, and ways to win investor confidence?
  3. Progression towards NGNs like LTE/ LTE Advanced, with selective case studies.
  4. Different ways operators are managing their networks and where they are making mistakes.
  5. Effective PCRF modules.
  6. The lesser known paths to optimise CAPEX and OPEX.
  7. Newer ways to collaborate with mobile device makers, app developers, ISPs, MVNOs and OTT players.
  8. How to explore pricing keeping consumers at the core?
  9. SMS/ MMS business models that can help operators to fully extract revenues from these services which many consider passé.

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Table of Content

Chapter 1: Executive Briefing

Chapter 2: Key Sustainability Issues, Regional Variability and Trends 2013-2018

Chapter 3:  Preparation for Revival & Profitability with Best Operator Practices, and Forecasts

Chapter 4:  Mobile Marketing in Retail - A Participatory Approach towards Consumer Engagement & Monetisation; 2013 & Beyond

Chapter 5: Next Generation Networks (NGNs)-Ideal Initiatives towards Network Development, and Road Mapping for 2013-2018

Chapter 6:  Profitable Mobile Services & Business Models for 2013 and beyond

Chapter 7. Strategic Guidelines for Securing Future Profitability