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Smart meters hold the key to success in global narrowband IoT market according to new research report

Narrowband IoT offers advantages such as reduced cost and reduced power consumption for an increased coverage area which is primarily boosting the adoption of emerging narrowband IoT technology. Being a newly released cellular narrowband offering from 3rd Generation Partnership Project, Narrowband IoT makes municipal applications such as street lighting, utility metering, toll road charges, and smart parking more efficient and effective.

An oft-heard buzzword in the second decade of the interconnected 21st century globe is IoT or the Internet of Things. Within IoT, there are numerous advantages for opting for narrowband IoT as decreased power consumption and lower costs allow a greater area to be covered by this game-changing technology.

Narrowband IoT is a newly developed form of cellular narrowband developed by the 3rd Gen Partnership Project. Narrowband IoT goes a long way in making municipal applications including toll road charges, street light utility metering, and smart parking both effective and efficient.