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Research delivers insight into the 5 unique ways to promote your ecommerce store during festive season 2017

Christmas and New Year have always been the hotspots of online sales, with Forrester projecting a massive 12% rise in ecommerce sales during this month.

Those are rather usual trends as online shopping generally picks up pace during holiday and festive seasons, be it Thanksgiving or Halloween. The National Retail Federation revealed that festive season sales surged drastically by 3% (touching $626.1 billion) in 2017.

This year, it will be even higher.

If you’ve been operating an ecommerce store since a good number of years, you must have surely noticed a surge in competition and sales promotions by ecommerce giants during this part of the year. With seamless promotion and e-marketing, those who have enough to fund these campaigns generally get an edge to improve their ecommerce visibility and sales during festivals, and end earning a fortune.

While SMBs, startup ecommerce portals and even those who care little about spending much on promotion can use alternative strategies and promotional techniques to make amends without blowing a hole in their wallet.

No matter you are planning sales for Cyber Monday, Black Friday or this Christmas week, there are ways you can ensure you get maximum return on your investments in promoting your ecommerce store during festive seasons.

Let’s walk through the top 5 unique ways you can promote sales at your ecommerce stores during festive seasons.

  1. Creatively package holiday gift boxes

Online shoppers during this week are in a hurry to latch on to great deals and find ready-made unique items that are worth gifting to their close ones.

Why not let the gift-wrapping auto-promote your business?

You’ll be depending upon your loyal customers to come to your store for a best-in-class gift set which can take some workload off your customer’s hands that are already doing a lot of extra work this week. Consider pre-packaging your best-selling products ready to gift in attractive, festive designed boxes, cases and gift wrap.

The main intent here is to ensure the packaging is beautiful enough for the customer to want to gift it ‘as is’.

Quick fact:

Dull gift wraps always drop sales. As per a research published in the Journal of Psychology & Marketing, customer seeing attractive packaging have had far more intense brain activity as compared to neutral or no packaging, as the article reads “attractive packaging caused activity in the brain sections which correlate with rewards.”

Value custom packaging more than ever on this Xmas and you will surely benefit.

  1. Make an enticing holiday video

Visual memories are the strongest memories and, therefore, video promotion has always been one of the most productive processes in the marketing world.

An eye-catching holiday video can help your brand stand apart from the competition. A creative mind and a small budget can go the distance when promoting your ecommerce store, therefore if your video is clever enough or distinctly humorous along with aligning with your brand, you sure have a recipe for a viral-quotient video.

No big retailer budget is necessary for your ecommerce store video to get more views and shares. You must rather focus on the concept that you wish to convey together with the relevancy to your potential customers, and the video will, definitely, present itself flawlessly.

  1. Pinterest works

When used appropriately and with relevance to your audience, social media platform Pinterest is one of the most productive platforms to sell in-store as well as online.

Major ecommerce brands make the most of Pinterest during festive season by hosting contests, making use of rich pins, and even working cross-channel by including popular tags of most-pinned products in-store.

Quick tip: You can incentivize shoppers by running a contest wherein they can include a tag, say #MerryXmas, when pinning products from your store to add the corresponding item to their wishlist.

These ideas not just help you retain your loyal customers, but also drive massive traffic to your social platforms. While the colossal touch screen may not be practical for every store, social media campaigns and the Pinterest tags in-store can be used by almost anyone.

  1. Partner up with a Globally-renowned brand

Developing a strategic partnership during festive season with a global brand will improve exposure for you as well as your partner. When cross-promoting each other through emails, social networks and blogs, you both can harvest the benefit of the partnership.

Big brands usually team up with smaller business to target a fresh new customer base for their online store. A small brand, on the other hand, can create a sense of originality that the big brand might be looking for, and the big brand will assist big time in bringing exposure to the smaller brand through their joint promotional drives.

  1. Build valuable content

One of the finest ways to promote your online store is to develop valuable content around the items you’re selling. Encourage your audience and consumers to share emails, social media posts, blog posts, articles,.

organically by giving them the content they can actually put to use.

Whether it’s some new unique way to style a winter wardrobe, enjoy Christmas carnival with your friends and family, some creative products to beat the chilly winter or design an apartment using the vases from your ecommerce store, you can easily engage your users with your products before drawing them into a hard sale.

Forrester Research has shared the 3 important C's of framework for efficient use of content to brand reputation and reach more users:

  • Connect to your customers in context
  • Create visible value and relevance through your content
  • Measure and optimize results consistently

The bottom line:

You don’t really require a massive budget to successfully compete with the larger online retailers. With the shopping carnival just around the corner, you can combine, incorporate, or get inspiration from any other these 5 unique ways to boost ecommerce sales during festive season to make the last couple of weekends of this year the most productive for your ecommerce store.

Christmas week is just around the corner and these tips can surely help any eCommerce website development company Make an Inquiry about this newshelp their clients increase sales within budget.

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