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The video wall market is growing rapidly - likely to double by 2020

The video wall network is a combination of various technologies, which include both hardware and software, each having equal contribution and importance. It provides the best quality of cables for transmission to the technology manufacturing companies.

The other important components of the video wall network are the Internet and secured firewall. The advertising contents are related to the designer workstations which pass through the firewall.

They include printed materials, video/pictures, and audio files.

 In the report, the global video wall market is segmented with respect to different products and services such as video wall displays, housing, installation, and content management. This market is also segmented into applications such as indoor advertisement, outdoor advertisement, menu board advertisement, and billboard advertisement.

The market for the video wall products and services with respect to different verticals, such as retail, retail banking, quick service restaurants, corporate, government, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, and education, has been analyzed in the report.