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Market reports on language translation software strategies and forecasts, worldwide, 2014 to 2020 shared in new research report

Globalization and intermingling of various cultures has led to growing demand for language translation, which has boosted the growth of the global language translation software market. At present, the overall market is successfully maintaining its growth trajectory and is estimated to grow beyond US$10 billion by the end of 2020.

Increasing Smartphone and Tablet Ownership to Increase Demand for Language Translation Software

As enterprises aim for a global presence, they require language translation software to achieve localization in the places they expect to do business. The localization of information across all levels of business has been a key factor in the growth of the global language translation software market.

International events and multinational companies require simultaneous translation. With the online marketplace getting more diverse, smartphones and tablets require translation of information acquired from disparate sources.

Search engine translation optimization has emerged as a key area in online marketing.

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Language translation software is being increasingly used in other fields such as healthcare, in negotiating settlements and police work, and in the publishing industry. This has further fuelled the growth of the overall language translation software market.

However, the massive data created by smartphones and other handheld devices requires translation in minimum duration.

The existing language translation programs are not able to meet the requirements of these gadgets, which will negatively affect the language translation software market.

Automated language translators do not help much in translating legal information and patent data, as they require human assessment and validation, which is another factor restraining the growth of the global language translation software market.

Recent efforts in upgrading translation software include human and machine intelligence. Recently, computer scientists at Stanford University have created a language translation system that allows bilingual people to translate text faster and with more accuracy.

Such developments are expected to open up new opportunities for the global language translation software market.

Hybrid Machine Translation System to Grow Substantially During 2014-2020

Depending upon the key translation parameters, two broad categories of automated translation systems are rule-based machine translation (RMT) and statistical machine translation (SMT). The RMT approach is word-based and depends on manually built translation lexicons, which can be edited by the users to refine translation.

On the other hand, SMT systems are phrase-based and assemble translations using overlap phrases. As both approaches had certain limitations, developers integrated them to build the hybrid machine translation (MT) model.

To meet their entire range of translation requirements on an enterprise scale, global companies use hybrid MT engines to power language translation software. The hybrid MT systems translate vast data in a few seconds.

The demand for hybrid MT systems is expected to rise substantially during the period between 2014 and 2020. As automated translation systems are extensively used in various content types and use cases such as user generated content, structured language, and repetitive text, they are also expected to drive demand from the global language translation software market.

Major Players in Global Language Translation Software Market

The major players in the global language translation software market are Lionbridge, Language Engineering, LLC, Google, Asia Online, Systran, IBM, Softissimo, Babylon, Microsoft, and SDL/Trados. These are continuously upgrading their products according to growing translation requirements.

Table of Content

Language Translation Software Executive Summary 33
Language Translation Software Market 33
Language Translation Software Market Driving Forces 34
Language Translation Software Cloud Platforms 37
Volume Of Documents For Translation Will Only Increase 38
Preparing For The Lack Of Translators 39
Language Translation Software Market Shares 43
Language Translation Market Forecasts 45

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1. Language Translation Software Market Description and Market Dynamics 48
1.1 Language Translation Software ROI 48
1.1.1 Understanding Language Translation Software Productivity 50
1.1.2 Editors Use Language Translation Software: 50
1.1.3 Generic Machine Translation Systems 51
1.1.4 Total Cost of Ownership 51
1.1.5 Granular Machine Translation Engines Give Quality Output 53
1.2 Globalization of the Economy 55
1.2.1 War is changing: Negotiated Settlements and Police Work Are Becoming More The Norm 55
1.2.2 Prime Antagonistic Figures In Globalization 56
1.3 Machine Language Translation 58
1.3.1 Translation Services 58
1.3.2 Standardization Means: 59
1.4 Value of Language Translation Software Tools 59
1.4.1 Language Translation Software Growth Is Directly Attributable To Globalization 62
1.4.2 Online Marketplace Getting More Diverse 63
1.5 Translation Memory 63
1.5.1 Translation Memory Description 64
1.5.2 Translation Custom Services 69
1.5.3 Professional Services Connector Implementation Services 71
1.5.4 Work Product Maintenance 73
1.6 Global Language Teams 75
1.6.1 Software Localization 77
1.6.2 Key Translation Parameters 77
1.6.3 Rule-Based Machine Translation (RMT) 79
1.6.4 Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) 79
1.7 Standard Machine Translation vs. Customized Translation Services 79
1.7.1 Translation Software 80
1.8 Interpreting in Health Care 81
1.8.1 Sight Translation (Written to Oral) 82
1.8.2 Translation of Simple Text (Written to Written) 82
1.9 Value of Natural Language Translation 83
1.9.1 Search Engine Translation Optimization 84
1.10 Measuring Language Translation Systems Quality 85
1.10.1 Machine Translation (MT) Quality Impasse 86
1.10.2 Machine Translation Output Is Not Easily Predictable 87
1.10.3 Quality Metrics Depend on the Input Text and the Level of Customization 88
1.10.4 No Standards Govern MT Systems 88
1.10.5 Benefits of Machine Language Translation Systems Integration 89
1.10.6 Intuitive Coding Functionality Supplies Grammatical Information 91
1.10.7 Update Dictionary Resources and Enhance Source Text 91
1.10.8 Retranslate and Validate 93
1.10.9 Difficulty Of Measuring The Quality Of Automatic Language Translation Systems 94
1.11 International Events and Multinational Companies Require Simultaneous Translation 95
1.11.1 NATO 95
1.11.2 Rotary 96
1.11.3 Simultaneous Interpretation Specialists I.S.T.S NATO Presence 96
1.11.4 Simultaneous Interpretation Specialists I.S.T.S AVW-TELAV Rotary
International Simultaneous Interpretation Services 97

2. Language Translation Software Market Shares and Forecasts 99
2.1 Language Translation Software Market 99
2.1.1 Language Translation Software Market Driving Forces 100
2.1.2 Language Translation Software Cloud Platforms 102
2.1.3 Volume Of Documents For Translation Will Only Increase 103
2.1.4 Preparing For The Lack Of Translators 104
2.2 Language Translation Software Market Shares 108
2.2.1 Localization Translation Software Market Leading Participants 111
2.2.2 Language Translation Competitive Deals: 112
2.2.3 Systran Enterprise Server 7 Hybrid Rule-Based And Statistical Machine Translation (MT) Engine 113
2.2.4 Lionbridge 115
2.2.5 Lionbridge 118
2.2.6 SDL Desktop Translation Software 120
2.2.7 SDL Trados For Professional Translators 122
2.2.8 SDL / Trados Enterprise Translation Server 124
2.2.9 ABBYY Lingvo x3 124
2.2.10 ProZ / KudoZ 125
2.2.11 KudoZ Archive Of Two Million Terms 125
2.2.12 Asia Online Ability To Learn From Post Editing Corrections And Never Make The Same Mistake Twice 125
2.2.13 Google Translate API Paid version 126
2.2.14 The Big Word 126
2.2.15 Symbio 127
2.2.16 Language Translation Software Market Unit Shipment By Vendor 128
2.2.17 Professional Language Translation Software, Market Shares 129
2.2.18 Enterprise Departmental Content Management Localization Language Translation Software 131
2.2.19 Desktop Language Translation Software Market Shares 134
2.2.20 Search Engine Language Translation Software Market Shares 137
2.3 Language Translation Market Forecasts 139
2.3.1 Language Translation Software Cloud Systems 143
2.3.2 Localization Solutions: Brand Support 144
2.3.3 Language Translation Software Supply Chain Market Forecasts: SDL Trados Studio 147
2.3.4 On Line Web Translation Solutions 149
2.3.5 Language Translation Software Market Segment Forecasts 151
2.3.6 Hybrid Machine Translation System 152
2.3.7 Professional Language Translation Market Forecasts 153
2.3.8 SDL / Trados Language Translation Vertical Target Markets 155
2.3.9 Enterprise Large-Scale, Bulk Translation Projects 157
2.3.10 Asia Online Language Service Providers 159
2.3.11 RWS Legal Translation 160
2.3.12 Search Engine Language Translation Market Forecasts 161
2.3.13 Desktop Language Translation Market Forecasts 163
2.3.14 Language Translation Software Market Segment Forecasts, Professional, Enterprise, Search Engine, Desktop 164
2.3.15 Language Translation Market Unit Analysis and Market Penetration 166
2.3.16 Multinational Companies Protect The Brand Consistently In Every Market 169
2.4 Size Of The Language Translation Market 169
2.4.1 Suppliers Of Translation And Interpreting Services 170
2.4.2 Enterprise Global Infrastructure Depends on Language Translation 170
2.4.3 Machine Language Translation Globalization Market Sectors 173
2.4.4 Enterprise Translation Challenges 174
2.4.5 Disruptive Market Forces 176
2.5 Language Translation Pricing 181
2.6 Language Translation Regional Markets 185
2.7 Opportunities for Canada in the Translation Products And Services: Market 189

3. Language Translation Software Product Description 194
3.1 IBM® WebSphere® Translation Server 194
3.1.1 IBM WebSphere Translation Server for Multiplatforms: 194
3.1.2 IBM Globalization Software Solution 195
3.1.3 IBM Language Translation Platform Products 197
3.1.4 IBM Globalization Software Services 198
3.1.5 IBM Translation Addresses Business Challenges 200
3.1.6 IBM Supports Globalization of On Demand 201
3.2 SDL 202
3.2.1 SDL Trados Studio 202
3.2.2 SDL Supports Customer Experience 203
3.2.3 SDL Machine Translation Capabilities 203
3.2.4 Impact of Big Data on SDL Language Translation Systems 205
3.2.5 SDL Cloud Connectivity Creates Opportunities For Translation Providers 206
3.2.6 SDL Post-Editing Business Opportunities 207
3.2.7 SDL Desktop Translation Software 208
3.2.8 SDL Wiktionary 213
3.2.9 SDL Easy Chat Translator 213
3.2.10 SDL Enterprise Translation Solution 213
3.2.11 SDL/ Trados Platform Translation Software* 215
3.2.12 SDL RevleX™ Translation Memory (TM) Engine 217
3.3 Systran 219
3.3.1 Systran Translation Productivity 219
3.3.2 Systran Multilingual Web Content 220
3.3.3 SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 222
3.3.4 Systran Leading Supplier Of Language Translation Software 223
3.3.5 Advantage of Systran Language Translation Technology 225
3.3.6 Benefits of Systran Language Translation Software 225
3.3.7 Systran Customization Methodology 225
3.3.8 Systran Enterprise Content Expands 226
3.3.9 Systran Gisting and Publishing Issues 226
3.3.10 SYSTRANLinks Simplifies Website Localization 227
3.3.11 SYSTRANLinks Intelligent Tools 230
3.3.12 SYSTRAN SYSTRANLinks, Simplifies Website Localization 231
3.4 Lionbridge 233
3.4.1 Lionbridge onDemand Translation 233
3.4.2 Lionbridge Software Localization 234
3.4.3 Lionbridge Website Translation 235
3.4.4 Lionbridge Creates and Manages Multilingual Versions of Website Efficiently 236
3.4.5 Lionbridge Web Traffic International Market Positioning 236
3.4.6 Lionbridge Smart Automated Translation 237
3.4.7 Lionbridge Real-Time Translation 239
3.4.8 Lionbridge Enterprise Crowdsourcing Solutions 240
3.4.9 Lionbridge Enterprise Crowdsourcing 245
3.4.10 Lionbridge Technologies Localization Methodology 246
3.4.11 Lionbridge Automating Translation Management and Multilingual Content Management 250
3.5 Alchemy 253
3.5.1 Alchemy High Performance Internet Enabled Translation Memory Server 254
3.5.2 Alchemy Language Exchange Translation Memories 258
3.5.3 Alchemy Language Exchange System Overview 259
3.5.4 Alchemy CATALYST 10 260
3.5.5 Alchemy CATALYST 10 Global Presence 260

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