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Nano Magnesium Oxide Used for Luminescent Materials

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The luminous ceramics glaze. It uses nano magnesium oxide as the important component of hypothermal frit. After adding water into pulpiness, it is brushed on the surface of ceramics with monox, aluminium oxide, calcium carbonate and other components. Through the high temperature of 800℃, it can be prepared. There are some characters of it: it has long afterglow time and can realize ten hours. Excited by ultraviolet ray and visible light, it can emit blue-green light and green glow. In the 40 degree, it has some heat to give off light.

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  1. High light hydrolysis resistance rare-earth activated luminescent materials. It is prepared through the high temperature solid state reaction which reacts among nano magnesium oxide, aluminium oxide, boric oxide and rare earth oxide. The initial brightness can achieve more than 10cd/m2, and the afterglow achieves more than 20 hours. There are several emitting colors, pale yellow, baby blue and purple. This material can be widely used for coating, plastic, ceramics, enamel, ornament and other more industries.
  2. Multi-color long-lasting phosphor material. It is a kind of luminescent material. After matching, weighing and mixing sintering, it prepared by nano magnesium oxide, aluminium oxide, silicon dioxide, mineralizer, rare earth activators and others. It has high light, superlong afterglow, good water tolerance, zero radioactivity, no harm for environment and other characters.
  3. Artificial luminous gem. It adopts shiny micro powder sale in the market, and introduces nano magnesium oxide as enhancer. After static pressure molding in normal temperature, it is sintered in reducing atmosphere electric furnace. The luminous gem’s hardness is from 6.5 to 7, the relative density is from 3.3 to 3.8. It solves the problem of low use ratio of luminous powder. For the course of complex luminous gem, it also can reduce resultant temperature, shorten the synthetic time. Therefore, it reduce the costs of conversion.
  4. The fluorophor used for Led display. It is especially suitable for the phosphor used for eld electroluminescent display. It is a kind of new laminated product, and can improve the operational stability of sulphoaluminate fluorescent material. This new construction includes ulphoaluminate fluorescent material thin layer and the nano magnesium oxide layer, or the layer which contains nano magnesium oxide.

There is a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer Make an Inquiry about this news named Meishen Technology. It produces nano magnesium oxide, light magnesium oxide, special magnesium oxide used for luminescent materials, etc. 

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