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The Application Areas of Superfine MgO

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   The magnesium oxide can improve the quality and strength when used for excellent filler and enhancer of rubber products. It also can be used for manufacturing high grade glass, adhesive, oil paint and chemicals for daily use.

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The superfine magnesium oxide has light weight and high activity, and can be used for the filler of paper, the accelerant and activating agent of fluororubber. It has important use value in the plastics industry.

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For superfine MgO’s advantages, actually lots of people are know it, and have come into contact with it. Therefore, following Meishen Technology, a professional magnesium oxide supplier Make an Inquiry about this news and manufacturer, let us learn more about the application areas of superfine MgO:
   1. Tidy baffeta and dacron through using the antistatic agent which is allocated by Mgo, antistatic performance test results show that the fabric has excellent antistatic effect.
   2. Superfine MgO for flameresistant material: the superfine MgO has good fire retardation. In addition, with bits of wood and wood shavings, it can make light, soundproof and adiabatic fireproofing and metal ceramics.
   3. Superfine Magensium Oxide for high performance ceramics: the superfine magnesium oxide has excellent sintering character. It can realize low temperature sintering without sintering aids. What’s more, it can be made high pyknotic superfine ceramics or multifunctional magnesium oxide thin film. And it is expected to a kind of advanced material under severe conditions, such as high temperature, high corrosion and so on.
   4. Superfine MgO for others: fuel additive, detergent, antistatic agent, corrosion inhibitor, electrical insulator material, conduit(tube element), rheophore sheet and so on.
   5. Superfine MgO for wave-absorbing material: because of the high activity and highly dispersed, the superfine magnesium oxide is easy to recombine with high polymer or other materials. This kind of composite material has excellent microwave absorbing property. At the same time, it never reduce the raw material’s strength, tenacity and other indexes. In addition, it has reinforcement function if added fibriform magnesium oxide.
   6. Superfine MgO for the filler of coating, plastic, rubber and others: the superfine magnesium oxide has highly dispersibility, and can used for the filler of oil paint, paper and cosmetic. What’s more, it can be used for the stuffing bulking agent and fortifier of plastics an rubber, the auxiliary material of various of electronic materials.
   7. Superfine Magensium Oxide for catalyst and adsorbent: the superfine magnesium oxide has a larger specific surface area. It is an important raw material to prepare high functional fine inorganic material, electronic components, printing ink and the adsorbent of noxious gas.

   After the above explanations from a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer Make an Inquiry about this news, you must know this kind of magnesium oxide more or less. 

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