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New characteristics of magnesium oxide market in 2017

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New Characteristics of MgO Market in 2017

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   Since June, with the gradually rising temperatures, the magnesium oxide market Make an Inquiry about this news also enters a peak period. Compared with the last year, the new characteristics of magnesium oxide market are showed up little by little.

   The high content magnesium oxide plays a leading role.

   From the perspective of magnesium oxide varieties, compared with the last year, it is more obviously for the high content magnesium oxide to play a leading role.

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A large number of magnesium oxide manufacturers produce magnesium oxide with content of more than 90%, even achieve 98% and 99%.

In a rubber manufacturer in Hebei, it is basically all be the high pure magnesium oxide in the warehouse. All these magnesium oxide has high content which is more than 90%.

   The brand name magnesium oxide becomes the first choice in the market.

   In the magnesium oxide, Meishen, Xingmei and other famous brands have a higher and higher concentration ratio in the dealers. The effect of famous brand magnesium oxide Make an Inquiry about this news is better than the less known and inferior brand a lot.

Through practice, the customers see the gap between these two. Especially some people must bear the loss which is led from counterfeit and shoddy products.

It makes their opinions have a big spiritual transition after that. Although the famous brand magnesium oxide has a higher investment, the customers see the tangible benefits from it.

   As our consumer attitudes have changed, it directly effects the changes of market pattern. The brand stores’ sales volume presents a straight line, the popularity and market shares are expanding continuously.

However, the manufacturers depend on low-end products and cheap price become more and more difficult. Their product sales is contracting significantly.

The expert thinks that the market concentration presents and drives the concentration and organization of Chinese magnesium oxide industry.

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