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Further exploit pharma grade magnesium oxide market

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   When mentions magnesium oxide, our impulse is that this is a kind of new type chemical. Of course, the magnesium oxide exists in every area of life.

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Further Exploit Pharma Grade MgO Market

Either the gum belt or the ceramic ornament at home include the magnesium oxide. For these wheezy knowledge, it is unnecessary to talk about.

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Now, the expert of Meishen Make an Inquiry about this news Technology introduces some knowledge about pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide, and the season why the market needed to develop.

   In the Magnesium Compound Brand of the China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, Sunwen, the president of Meishen Technology ever said, it is not very large for the domestic pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide capacity of the market, the annual consumption is only about 1500 tons. The largest consumption area of pharma grade magnesium oxide is health care medicine industry.

In recent years, there are many health care medicine enterprises depress in domestic. However, the foreign health care medicine enterprises develop rapidly, and have a large requirement for the pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide.

   At present, Meishen Technology has already occupy the absolute advantage in the Chinese magnesium oxide market. However, It would follow previous path and be weeded out if Meishen stands still and refuse to make progress.

Therefore, the Meishen Technology is updating manufacturing technique actively all the time, and continuously improving quality management system. It has not only researched and developed many special magnesium oxide in industrial circle, but also continuously carry out research on pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide.

In addition, Meishen Technology pays more attention to the foreign market through opening trade barrier. Therefore, Meishen can gain further development.

   The president also said, although the market development road is difficult, we still should work hard. The domestic market is limited, it should pay more attention to the international market.

At present, the pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide, pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate and pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate produced by Meishen have achieved the United States Pharmacopeia Standard and European Union Pharmacopeia Standard. What’s more, Meishen has already researched and developed the AR grade magnesium oxide, silicon steel grade magnesium oxide, special magnesium oxide used for Make an Inquiry about this news fluorescent powder and others.

The products were brought to the international chemical exhibitions in Brazil, Germany, Israel, Hungary, Korea, India and so on. 

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