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Nahcolite structure consists of planar chains of carbonate groups linked by hydrogen bonds; those planes are bonded together by sodium in six-fold coordination with oxygen.

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Nahcolite (NaHCO3), is a colourless to white carbonate mineral. Nahcolite is naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate.

Nahcolite commonly does forms by reaction of carbon dioxide with the mineral named trona in evaporated lake basins.

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Such surroundings where Nacholite is mostly formed is found in large quantities in the central salt body of Searles Lake, California, and as concentrations up to 5 feet (1.5 metres) thick in oil shale deposits in the Piceance Basin of the Green River Formation in Colorado, from where Nahcolite is commercially mined. Apart from North America Nahcolite has also has been excavated in Botswana and Kenya, and there are sizable deposits in Uganda, Turkey, and Mexico.

Coming to its usage in day-to-day life, Nahcolite can be used in traditional applications of sodium bicarbonate—e.g., in baking soda and toothpaste. Moreover, Nahcolite can be converted to soda ash (sodium carbonate, Na2CO3) and can be used in various other industrial manufacturing needs.

Over the forecast period, Nahcolite is expected to register healthy CAGR over the forecast period.

Nahcolite Market: Drivers and Restraints

Primary factor for growth of Nahcolite is its uses in making of baking soda. Baking soda has an extensive usage as a primary ingredient to make cookies, cakes, biscuits, and similar other baking confectioneries.

With rise in population and subsequent demand of various food items, packaged foods, confectionery and bakery item the rise in demand of baking soda is increasing which will catapult the market of Nahcolite. Detergent industry across globe is flourishing which also influences Nahcolite market.

Nahcolite ability to absorb moisture and neutralize chemicals results in uses such as to neutralize odors. Due to its relative softness, which means it is not a strong abrasive, it is a common ingredient in toothpaste or used as a replacement for toothpaste. 

Nahcolite is used for tooth care product since it is believed to kill bacteria, prevent plaque, reduce odors, reduce sensitivity, strengthen enamel, or whiten teeth.  Owing to Nahcolite contribution in various commodities which are associated with day to day life of human it can be anticipated that market of Nahcolite is expected to grow substantially over the forecast period

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Nahcolite is not harmful for human consumption unless it is not in pure chemical form. Therefore, with least of harmful effects Nahcolite market has no restraints.

Nahcolite Market: Market Segmentation

Based on the end user industry, Nahcolite market can be segmented into:

  • Food Industry

  • Oral care

  • Pharmaceuticals

Based on the sales channel, Nahcolite market can be segmented into:

  • B2B

  • B2C

Global Nahcolite Market: Regional Outlook

Based on the geographic regions, global Nahcolite market is segmented into seven key market segments namely North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Among the aforementioned regions, APEJ will dominate the Nahcolite market over the forecast period.

The countries such as China, India, and South Korea will be the key contributor to the growth of Nahcolite market. Presence of a huge population and various food industries and other industries to meet such a huge population’s demand is the key factor for growth of Nahcolite market in APEJ region.

North America and Western Europe region will come next to APEJ with respect to growth of Nahcolite market. Even though they are next to APEJ for Nahcolite market but these region are the first movers in using Nahcolite for manufacturing of ingredients, which are used in various food products as well as in manufacturing of other commodities.

In Eastern Europe, the market of Nahcolite has also gathered momentum with establishments of various food industries. MEA is also a prominent market for Nahcolite market owing to presence of various food industries that has been established to meet general masses consumption demand.

Latin America is also expected to perform well in Nahcolite market. Japan has also a wide range of various food industry that caters to the demand of young Japanese population; such industry provides the necessary scope for growth of Nahcolite market.

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Nahcolite: Key Players

The major players identified in the global Nahcolite derivatives market includes:

  • Palsgaard

  • Foodchem International Corporation

  • Estelle Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

  • Parchem fine & specialty chemicals.

  • LiuYang SanJi Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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