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New study: Directed energy-based surgical systems market report

The global directed energy-based surgical systems market is anticipated to be encouraged by a tangible growth triggered by significant driving factors such as improvements in radiofrequency devices, surging healthcare expenditures, and increasing geriatric population.

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Global Directed Energy-based Surgical Systems Market: Snapshot

However, complex requirements for maintenance and set up and high cost could make the demand for directed energy-based surgical systems a bit sluggish.

Nevertheless, quality business prospects are prognosticated to break out with aggressive technological developments hiking up the popularity of the acceptance of directed energy-based surgical systems.

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The global directed energy-based surgical systems market is foreseen to gain tellingly from the outdated nature of traditional surgeries and emergence of minimally-invasive procedures.

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As the future of surgery is being revolutionized with the advancement of new technologies, the demand for directed energy-based surgical systems could see a perpetual rise.

The trend of enormous reduction from exceptionally larger to tremendously smaller incisions is expected to bolster the progress from open to minimally-invasive surgeries that has drastically improved patient outcomes and recoveries.

Instruments such as directed energy-based surgical systems are assembled to allow the execution of important functions such as fine dissection, selective cutting, and coagulation, which are generally expected in miniscule surgical procedures. This nature of the instruments post configuration could be productive for robotic-assisted, endoscopic, or laparoscopic procedures and open surgical usage.

Companies are envisaged to introduce novel technologies in the global directed energy-based surgical systems market to cement their position in the industry. Research and development could be another strategy adopted to mobilize growth in the market.

Global Directed Energy-based Surgical Systems Market: Overview

Directed energy-based surgical systems are an important part of the rapidly emerging trend of minimally invasive surgery. More patients are now considering minimally invasive surgical intervention techniques because of benefits such as quicker healing and recuperation time and a reduced duration of hospital stay.

Directed energy-based surgical systems, by virtue of depositing energy in a targeted manner in the desired tissues, help surgeons alter the properties of the tissue as needed. Directed energy-based surgical systems make use of a variety of techniques such as microwave or laser energy, ultrasound, radiofrequency, and cryotherapy.

The market for directed-energy based surgical systems has received a boost thanks largely to their increasing use across numerous application areas. Since these systems lend themselves easily to different plans, they are now seeing wider usage in cardiovascular, gynecological, ophthalmic, oncology, and orthopedic surgery.

A number of cosmetic surgeries using directed-energy based surgical systems have yielded the desired results, further fueling the market’s growth.

The unmatched degree of precision, fineness in incisions and cutting, and reduced patient trauma are among the main factors prompting hospitals to invest in directed energy-based surgical systems. These advantages will also act as high-impact drivers for the global directed energy-based surgical systems market.

This report analyzes the types of directed energy-based surgical systems, their applications, end users, and demand in regional markets. This enables stakeholders at various levels of the market to understand the factors that are influencing its future.

The regional segmentation, especially, aims to enable market players take informed decisions about which countries will hold the most lucrative opportunities. Moreover, recommendations are provided to give insights into how players can monetize opportunities present in each segment.

Global Directed Energy-based Surgical Systems: Trends and Unmet Needs

As surgical operations increasingly move from open to non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques, the market for directed energy-based surgical systems will register higher demand and revenue. The market already features directed energy-based products and systems that can be configured for use in open surgery as well as laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery.

Currently, there is a growing demand for energy-based surgical instruments that offer even more versatility in configuration and can help surgeons conduct simultaneous operations at once. For instance, there is a rising demand for directed energy-based surgical systems that can offer simultaneous tissue cutting or selective cutting options.

Likewise, surgeons are showing a greater preference for directed energy-based surgical systems that can allow hemostasis by coagulation. As surgeries entailing extremely fine incisions become more popular, the need for sophisticated, robot-assisted systems is being felt.

This trend will open a new window of opportunity for companies in the directed energy-based surgical systems market.

Global Directed Energy-based Surgical Systems: Regional Overview

The demand for directed-energy based surgical systems is rising in all major regional markets. However, the healthcare sector in the U.S.

reports the highest adoption – and consequently demand – for directed energy-based surgical systems. Geographically, the market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World.

The North America directed energy-based surgical systems market has emerged as the largest regional market and is expected to remain in this position until the end of the report’s forecast period.

With intensive investments being channeled into the healthcare sectors of countries such as China, India, Brazil, and Japan, these markets will offer fresh opportunities for expansion and new product development. The concept of minimally invasive surgery is yet to gain popular acceptance in several countries in Latin America and Africa, which might delay the development of the directed energy-based surgical systems market in these regions.

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Companies that currently have a firm foothold in the global directed energy-based surgical systems market are: Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Medtronic Inc., Abbott Laboratories Inc., LLC, Biolase, Inc., Johnson & Johnson Services Inc., American Medical Systems, and Hologic, Inc.

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