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Report explores the big data: embracing data to transform healthcare and pharma commercial strategy

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Summary Research Beam ’s latest report," Big Data: Embracing Data to Transform Healthcare and Pharma Commercial Strategy - Featuring Expert Panel Views from Industry Survey 2016" provides a comprehensive analysis of the Big Data landscape. Research Beam conducted an extensive industry survey of 73 experts from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries - including both organizations that already utilize Big Data and those that do not. Our survey gathered experience and opinion on the use of Big Data, and insights on key trends for the present and future use of the technology within healthcare. The findings from the survey and results from secondary research efforts have been amalgamated with Research Beam's own analytical views to provide an assessment that is comprehensive in outlook.


Big Data refers to any data set that is too large to store, process or analyze using traditional database software and hardware. It can have a significant impact on all aspects of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, and companies are making large investments to leverage the technology more effectively.

Big Data has been a buzzword for many years, but it is no longer merely an abstract concept that could provide future benefits, as it is already providing competitive advantages for a variety of organizations. As such, companies that ignore its potential may fall behind their peers in our increasingly data-intensive world.

The report features an overview of Big Data and its place within healthcare. It examines the factors driving and necessitating the use of the technology within this industry, and provides detailed examples of how different Big Data sources and analytics techniques could be used to provide direct benefits to pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions and patients.

There is also an analysis of the main challenges surrounding the technology, as well as detailed real-world case studies of how major companies already implement Big Data and deal with some of the challenges. Finally, based upon the totality of our survey results and research, strategic recommendations and guidelines are provided for the effective implementation of Big Data within healthcare.

The results of Research Beam’s latest industry survey provide insightful analyses from different expert panels, including those that already use Big Data and those that do not, key regional markets, and respondents from within the pharmaceutical industry and those from the wider healthcare industry. The survey examined key issues, such the areas where organizations are currently utilizing Big Data, where they believe it can have the most impact, the main barriers to use and driving factors, likelihood of increasing investment within the next five years, and overall stance on the use of the technology within healthcare.

Research Beam  conducted extensive research in order to provide a comprehensive view of Big Data for healthcare landscape. This new report adds to our unique portfolio of trusted industry analyses that enable our clients to assess the most promising areas in the market and exploit key business opportunities.

Report :


- What is Big Data? What is its place within healthcare, and what are the main data sources?

- How prevalent is the use of Big Data in healthcare?

- What are the main driving factors necessitating the use of Big Data in healthcare? What is the relative importance of these factors according to industry?

- What are examples of the commercial benefits that the use of Big Data and analytics can provide, in different aspects of the industry?

- In which areas are organizations currently using Big Data, and where do they feel it will have the most impact in the next five years?

- What are the main challenges associated with Big Data in healthcare? What is the relative importance of these factors according to industry? For the organizations that do not yet utilize Big Data, what specific reasons have led to their decision not to do so?

- How do major pharmaceutical and healthcare companies use Big Data in the real world? What are some of the main partnerships between Big Pharma and technology companies? What is the underlying technical architecture of Big Data in healthcare?

- What is the likelihood that organizations that already use Big Data will increase their investment within the next five years? Will those that do not currently invest in the technology begin doing so in the next five years?

- How can Big Data be effectively implemented within an organization?

- What is the overall stance of various experts in the healthcare field on the use of Big Data in healthcare?

Key Reasons to Access

This report will allow you to -

- Gain insightful analyses and comprehensive understanding of Big Data in healthcare

- Understand the key drivers necessitating the use of Big Data and the main barriers to implementation

- Understand the views of 73 organizations within the industry on Big Data, and assess real-world case studies

- Assess the most relevant uses of Big Data within your company, and effective ways of implementing Big Data strategies


Table Of Contents

  • 1 Table of Contents
  • 1 Table of Contents 5
  • o List of Tables 7
  • o List of Figures 7
  • Big Data Overview 9
  • o What is Big Data? 9
  • o The ‘Three Vs’ of Big Data: Volume, Velocity and Variety 9
  • o The Sources of Big Data in Healthcare 10
  • o Big Data Lifecycle 12
  • o How Prevalent is the use Big Data in Healthcare? Results from our Industry-Wide Survey 13
  • Drivers of Big Data in Healthcare 17
  • o Advances in Technology: Explosion in Data Generation 17
  • Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies: Outpacing Moore’s Law 17
  • Proteomic Databases: ProteomicsDB Designed with Big Data Analytics in Mind 18
  • Electronic Health Records: A Form of Big Data 19
  • Social Media: Information That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else 19
  • Devices: Smartphones, Wearables and Telemedicine Devices Represent a Continuous Source of Big Data 20
  • Cloud Technologies: Often Integral to Big Data 20
  • o Needs and Trends Driving the Use of Big Data in Healthcare 21
  • Real-World Evidence: Data Outside of Clinical Trials 21
  • Value-Based Healthcare: Emphasizing Quality over Quantity 21
  • Personalized Medicine and Targeted Therapies: Transforming Healthcare 21
  • The R&D Productivity Gap 22
  • 3.2.5 The Need to Increase Operational Efficiency and Reduce Operational Costs 22
  • 3.3 What Are the Most Important Drivers? How Do Opinions Differ Between Different Groups and Regions? Results from Our Industry-Wide Survey 24


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