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Global digital therapeutic devices market will expand at strong CAGR of 15.6% according to new research report

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Leading companies in the global digital therapeutic devices market include Proteus Digital Health, WellDoc Inc., Noom Inc., Propeller Health, BiogeniQ Inc., Claritas MindSciences, Jintronix Inc., Zest Health LLC, HealthMine Inc., BioTelemetry Inc., Digital Twine health Inc., Firstbeat Technologies Ltd, Big Health, Dthera Sciences etc.

In a highly competitive global digital therapeutic devices market, savvy players are focused on collaborations and partnerships to improve their technical expertise for competitive gains. Established players are also tapping into the emerging economies of Asia Pacific that have vast growth potential in the digital therapeutic devices space.

The global digital therapeutic devices market Make an Inquiry about this news is primarily driven by the rising use of technology for treating medical conditions. The demand for technologically advanced products for treating medical conditions coupled with rising disposable incomes is positively influencing the global digital therapeutic devices market.