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Research report explores the US dialyzers market forecast to 2017

The total dialyzer market comprises the segments for single-use and reuse dialyzers. Although reuse dialyzers are much more expensive than single-use dialyzers, the market for single-use dialyzers comprises the vast majority of the total dialyzer market.

US Market Report for Dialyzers 2017 - MedCore is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. General Report Contents

• Market Analyses include: Unit Sales, ASPs, Market Value & Growth Trends
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Despite expected decreases in reimbursement for dialysis procedures, single-use dialyzers are expected to grow in prevalence. Single-use dialyzers do not require reprocessing machines or the labor requirement necessary for the reprocessing of reuse dialyzers.

In 2016, the United States is one of the only developed countries that still use reuse dialyzers for a large fraction of the total hemodialysis treatments performed. 

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Single-use dialyzers are expected to account for a greater proportion of the total number of hemodialysis treatments performed. When used, a single-use dialyzer is required for every single hemodialysis treatment performed, whereas a reuse dialyzer is used for approximately 13 treatments.

The shift toward single-use dialyzers will require a far greater number of total dialyzers, which will be a major driver of growth over the forecast period. ,In the process of hemodialysis, the dialyzer performs the essential function of the kidney.

During a hemodialysis treatment, the dialyzer will clean and remove the toxic substances from the blood. Blood can only be cleaned physically, not chemically.

The patient’s blood is essentially filtered inside the dialyzer, and is channeled through the hollow fibers of the dialyzer. The walls of the hollow fibers consist of an ultra-thin membrane and various physical processes enable the removal of harmful molecules, while the critical elements of the blood are retained.

The more exact a dialyzer and its membrane are at separating the important molecules from the harmful ones, the more effective the hemodialysis treatment will be.


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