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Beaming down the satellite Internet market

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Satellites play an important role in modern-day communications. From beaming down Internet connections to relaying voice and other data, they are used in both private and government sectors alike.

Satellite offers several benefits of traditional landline broadband Internet, with the most notable benefit being greater accessibility. Traditional landlines require, well, a landline.

If you live in a rural area that's far away from a main city, perhaps this isn't an option. You can, however, still choose satellite for your broadband Internet service.

According to the Global Satellite Broadband Communi… Market 2016-2020 report by Sandler Research, the global satellite broadband market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.03% through 2020. As explained in the report, satellite broadband communication involves next-generation satellite technology, providing critical applications, real-time data, video, voice and other media services.

It assists ambulance crews and healthcare responders by revealing the location of an injured person, along with providing doctors with updated information pertaining to the individual's health. Applications such as this make it a critical component in public safety, as satellite broadband literally saves lives.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to satellite Internet, such as the speed and data caps. Generally speaking, satellite Internet tends to be slower than its landline counterpart.

For users who are constantly downloading large files, this could prove cumbersome. Furthermore, satellite Internet is subject to outages and quality issues during severe weather -- something that landlines are not affected by.

Some of the key satellite broadband vendors profiled in this survey include Gilat Satellite Networks, Harris CapRock Communications, Hughes Network Systems, Inmarsat, Iridium Communications, VT iDirect, Cambium Networks, EchoStar, Ligado Networks, Thrane and Thrane, Globalstar, Intelsat General, Singtel, Telstra and many more.

The Global Satellite Market Report: 2016 Edition report by Orbis Research is a second report covering the global satellite market, although this one includes all applications for satellite instead of just Internet. Satellites, as described in this report, perform in a similar manner as cell towers.

They transmit data from one point to another. Unlike cell towers, however, satellites must endure a seriously harsh environment in which radiation and freezing temperatures are the norm.

The Orbis Research report scrutinizes the global satellite market, citing the Unites States as being the dominant player with the most satellite companies and providers in operation. HD and UHD are among the key trends of the satellite market, followed by the adoption of new technologies, emerging operators, and increased global broadband connections.

An ever-growing presence of mobile data traffic and increasing government space budgets are believed to be key factors driving the market's growth.

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