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Chomping down on the food enzyme market

Chomping down on the food enzyme market

Enzymes are often added to food to improve its nutritional value. Two new reports analyze the global food enzymes market, revealing where it's headed.

So, what exactly are enzymes and why are they being added to food? In the most basic sense, enzymes are nutrients that trigger metabolic functions in our bodies. Studies show that we have some 3,000 different enzymes in our bodies, which are responsible for some 7,000 metabolic reactions. Without these enzymes, we wouldn't be able to stay healthy.

But not everyone consumes the necessary amount (or variety) of enzymes. Certain foods are excellent sources of these much-needed enzymes, but others can actually destroy the existing enzymes in your body. Processed foods, for instance, have a tendency to destroy enzymes, which in turn leads to illness and disease. The good news is that many foods are now being made with added enzymes. Whether it's yoghurt, cheese or protein shakes, many everyday foods now contain added enzymes.

This improves the food's nutritional value while assisting consumers in reaching the necessary amount of enzymes to sustain good health.

According to the Global Food Enzymes Market 2016-2020 report by RNR Market Research, the global food enzymes market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.42% through the forecast period. This comprehensive report has been prepared based on market analyses and insight from industry professionals. It covers everything from the global food enzyme market landscape and growth prospects to industry classifications, definitions and more. So, what's fueling the food enzymes market's growth? This report cites several market drivers, one of which is prospects in the dairy industry. There are still challenges faced in this market, however, like the high cost of product consumption.

Some of the prominent food enzyme vendors profiled in this report include Amway, BASF, DuPont Danisco, DSM, Novozymes, AB Enzymes, Amano, Aum Enzymes, Nutriteck, Roche and others.

The Global Food Enzymes Market - Forecast to 2027 report by Market Research Future is a second comprehensive report on the global food enzymes market, although this one covers prospective scenarios up to the year 2027. Featuring 147 pages along with 50 data tables and figures, this is a must-have report for anyone who works in the food enzymes market. It covers historic market since 2011 with prospect data up to 2027. Within this report you'll find information such as the global enzymes market's price analysis, supply chain, market segments and sub-segments, revenue and more. The report further segments the market into geographic regions, including North America, Europe, Asia and the Rest of the World (ROW). This report also provides growth prospects for the global food enzymes market.

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