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Putting out the flames of the fire extinguisher market

Putting out the flames of the fire extinguisher market

Fire extinguishers aren't just recommended; they are often a legal requirement in businesses. The follow two reports examine the fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers are classified as active fire protection devices, with their primary purpose being to control small fires. Granted, they are not designed to put out large, uncontrollable fires. Rather, they are used for emergency situations involving small fires, such as those that occur in kitchens, offices, etc.  Fire extinguishers are typically cylindrical shaped, featuring a pressure vessel with an agent that smothers and extinguishes the fire.

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You might be surprised to learn that fire extinguishers have been around for centuries, with Ambrose Godfrey patenting the world's first fire extinguisher back in 1723. Of course, this early model fire extinguisher differed from the ones we see used today. It contained a chamber of gunpowder that exploded when activated, spreading the solution across the fire.

It wasn't until 1818 when the modern fire extinguisher was invented. It featured a copper vessel of 3 gallons of pearl ash in compressed air. Soon after, other variants were invented, such as a soda-acid extinguisher and sodium bicarbonate extinguisher.

According to the Global Fire Extinguishers Market 2016-2020 report by ReportsnReports, the global fire extinguishers market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.12% through the forecast period. Featuring 61 professionally written pages, it provides an in-depth look into the ever-growing fire extinguisher market. As mentioned in the report, the fire extinguisher market is set to grow in the following years, with researchers citing market drivers such as increased demand for residential-grade products. But there are also challenges facing the fire extinguisher market, such as a decreased demand for halon-based products.

Some of the key fire extinguisher vendors profiled in this report include Amerex, Tyco Fire Protection, Minimax, BRK, Desautel, ANAF, Buckeye Fire Equipment, Britannia Fire, Douze It, Fire Fighter Industry, Kidde, NAFFCO, Safex, Strike First, and Supremex Equipment.

The Europe Fire Extinguishers Market 2…and Forecast 2021 report by Orbis Research is a second comprehensive study on the fire extinguisher market, although this one focuses specicially on the European segment. It provides a comprehensive look into the market, featuring industry definitions, classifications, chain structure, key regions development status and more. Furthermore, the report showcases some of the latest trends in fire extinguishers, such as technology, competition, supplies, capacity, production, price and profit. And like all reports published by Orbis Research, it concluded with a SWOT analysis on investment feasibility and returns. Whether you work in the fire extinguisher market or simply want to learn more about where it's headed, you should check out this report.

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