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Cleaning up the air filter market with two new reports

Cleaning up the air filter market with two new reports

Air filters work by capturing mold, dust and other particulates, preventing it from circulating throughout the air.

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Even if the air inside your home or workplace "looks" clean, it probably has a plethora of dust, mold, bacteria and other debris floating around. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) even ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental hazards, attesting to the severity of this problem. Air filters, however, offer a simple and effective way to combat indoor air pollution.

Air filters have a simple design but play an important role in maintaining clean, pollutant-free air. Most homes and workplaces have a central climate control system through which cool or warm air travels, depending on the setting. Included in this system is a rectangular-shaped object that captures pollutants.

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Known as the air filter, this object prevents dust and other impurities from passing through without restricting the flow of air. Most HVAC technicians recommend changing the air filter every 60-90 days.

The Global HEPA Filters Market 2016 - … Forecast to 2021 report by MRS Research Group is a comprehensive study on the global HEPA filters market, complete with forecast data through 2021. Among other things, it reveals the market's leading regions, product price, capacity, production, sales, demand, analysis, import and export, revenue, supply, segment, and industry growth rate. The report even cites a list of competitive development factors like contracts and agreements, market expansion, new productions, acquisitions and mergers, etc.

HEPA filters are a specific type of air filter that works by forcing air through a mesh trap that captures pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke and more. It's generally considered more effective than traditional non-HEPA filters. As such, HEPA filters usually cost more than their counterparts. Many people agree, however, that they are well worth the investment due to their increased efficiency.

Some of the key HEPA filter vendors profiled in this report include Camfil Group, AAF International, Freudenberg Group, MANN+HUMMEL, Donaldson Company, Inc., CLARCOR Industrial Air, APC Filtration Inc., Dafco Filtration Group, Koch Filter Corporation, and Flanders Corporation.

According to the Industrial Air Filtration Market A…Forecasts To 2020 report by Orbis Research, the industrial air filtration market is expected to reach $6.23 billion by 2020. Unlike the aforementioned report, however, this one covers the entire air filter market, including HEPA, cartridge collectors and more. It's a comprehensive and in-depth study on the global air filtration market.

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