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Turning your eyes on the satellite market

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Satellites are used for a variety of purposes, some of which include weather monitoring, communications, navigation, space exploration, and various governmental and commercial applications.

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A satellite -- when used in the contest of space/orbiting -- is an artificial device placed into Earth's orbit that serves one or more functions. There are also natural satellites, such as the moon, which also orbit Earth. However, the term satellite typically refers to a man-made device that's launched into orbit.

The world's first satellite was launched in 1957.

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In this year, the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik 1, cementing its place in history as the world's first successful satellite launch and subsequent orbit. In the years since, there have been more than 6,600 satellites launched from more than 40 countries. Of course, many of these satellites have either fallen back to Earth or otherwise removed. While no one knows exactly how many satellites remain, some experts suggest that roughly 3,600 satellites continue to slingshot above Earth's atmosphere.

The Global Satellite Market: Trends an…ities (2015-2020) report by Orbis Research is a comprehensive study of the global satellite market. It analyzes everything from investment opportunities and growth, to market trends, forecast and more. In essence, this is a complete and in-depth analysis of the global satellite market. As explained in the report, the satellite market is a vital component in many sectors, including space and telecommunications. While satellites have been around for over half a century (first satellite reached orbit in 1957), advancements in modern technology have bolstered the market's growth, which is expected to continue in the years to come.

According to the report, developed western countries are expected to experience the strongest growth in the satellite market. This growth is due largely to the increased demand for high-definition satellite TV services, as well as intercontinental transmission and telecommunications services. With that said, the report also states that Middle East and North Africa will experience increased adoption and usage of satellite services and products, more so than the rest of the world.

The United States Satellite-Based Augm…arket Report 2016 report by ReportsnReports is another study of the satellite market, though it focuses specifically on the augmentation segment in the U.S. region. It provides an overview of the market, complete with industry definitions, classifications, applications, chain structure and more. Although this report focuses on the U.S. segment, it covers other regions as well, also revealing their development trends, competitive landscapes, development status and more.

Some of the key satellite vendors profiled in this report include Garmin, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, Thales, Universal Avionics, Advanced Navigation & Positioning, Comsoft, Copperchase, Honeywell International, Intelcan Technosystems.

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