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Setting your sights on the 4K display market

Setting your sights on the 4K display market

What's the most important element when watching movies or shows on a TV? It's the image quality -- and no TV delivers better image quality than 4K TVs.

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So, what is 4K display technology exactly and how does it work? 4K, also known as ultra-high-defition (UHD), is a new display technology used in TVs, PCs and other electronic devices. It consists of multiple resolution sizes, which in turn allows for significantly more pixels than traditional TVs. In terms of resolution, a 4K TV is capable of producing up to 4x more pixels than its counterpart; thus, why it's named 4K.

With more pixels being displayed on the screen, consumers of 4K technology will reap the benefits of increased image quality.

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4K TVs produce an even higher quality image than conventional 1080p HD TVs, offering increased color clarity, detail and higher frame rates. These are a just a few of the many reasons why so many consumers are trading in their old TVs for new 4K TVs.

The following two reports provide a more in-depth and thorough look into the global 4K display market.

According to the Global 4K Display Resolution Sales Market 2016 to 2021 report by ResearchnReports, the global 4K display resolution market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 7.2% through the forecast period. It studies the consumption of 4K display technology, revealing the market's top regions, price, cost, classifications, industry chain structure, etc. It even reveals equipment and upstream raw materials, as well as the subsequent downstream demand. In essence, this is a complete and thorough study of the global 4K display resolution market. Whether you work in the industry, are thinking of working in the industry, or simply a consumer of 4K display technology, you should consider buying this report.

Some of the key 4K display vendors profiled in this report include AU Optronics Corp, EIZO Corporation, LG Electronics, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Sharp Corporation, Sony Corporation, and many others.

The 2017 Market Research Report on Global 4K Technology report by Deep Research Reports is a second comprehensive study of the global 4K technology market. It provides a basic overview of the market, complete with similar information as the aforementioned report, including but not limited to definitions, classifications, applications, industry chain structure, cost, revenue, price and more. The report analyzes leading vendors in the 4K technology market. It also reveals their respective products, contact information and other relevant information. The report goes on to discuss development trends, marketing channels, and a feasibility of new investment projects in the 4K market.

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